[OpenAFS] Linux find command inconsistent

John Sopko sopko@cs.unc.edu
Wed, 16 Sep 2015 10:23:07 -0400

On Tue, Sep 15, 2015 at 2:04 PM, Stephan Wiesand
<stephan.wiesand@desy.de> wrote:
> On Sep 15, 2015, at 15:46 , John Sopko wrote:
>> I run a monthly report to find all mount points and volumes using the
>> linux find command. I used to run this on Red Hat 5 for years. I moved
>> the script to Red Hat 6 and found after testing that on Red Hat 6 and
>> 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 the find command give inconsistent results and does
>> not find nearly as many files as Red Hat 5 does.
>> I can copy the Red Hat 5 find binary to Red Hat 6 which executes ok
>> but still has a problem.
> The same "problem"?

I mean running the rhel5 executable on a rhel6 afs client machine does
not find all the directories as it does on rhel5. The rhel5 machine
always finds more directories then rhel6, rhel7 and Ubuntu 14.04, I
trust rehl5 the most.

>> I tried serveral client machines.
>> For example on Red Hat 5 I run a command to find all directories and cou=
nt them:
>> % lsb_release -d
>> Description:    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Client release 5.11 (Tikanga)
>> |sopko@kramer:56% pwd
>> /afs/cs.unc.edu/project
>> % find . -noleaf -type d | wc -l
>> 343403
>> On Red Hat 6 I get:
>> % lsb_release -d
>> Description:    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation release 6.7 (Santia=
>> |sopko@lark1:81% pwd
>> /afs/cs.unc.edu/project
>> |sopko@lark1:82% find . -noleaf -type d | wc -l
>> find: `./par/Last_Backup/Last_Backup': No such device
> This suggests the client is refusing to recurse into the very same backup=
 volume (I assume "par" is a volume root and "par/Last_Backup" is a mount p=
oint for the corresponding .backup volume?).

Some users mount their backup volume for easy access. I meant to
remove these messages and missed this one since it has never been an
issue on rhel5 and the find command does keep going on rhel6. I don't
think this is the issue.

>> 38763
>> I also like to use the find command to set afs acl's on directories
>> but can not trust it to work.
>> I am running 1.6.11 on the servers, 1.6.9 on the rhel5 client and
>> 1.6.11 on the rhel6 client and 1.6.14 on Ubuntu. Can anyone shed any
>> light on what is going on?
> See above. The RHEL6/Ubuntu result is likely to be the better one.
> In any case, find and AFS have never been friends and probably can't be.
> OpenAFS releases since 1.6.10 include the volscan(8) utility. It will not=
 be quite as trivial to use for your purposes since you need to run it on v=
olumes and stitch paths as seen by clients together yourself, but for just =
that reason results will be meaningful - for example in the presence of cir=
cular mounts. And it's much more efficient too.

I will look at volscan, thanks for your input.

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