[OpenAFS] Ownership on volumes are changed to daemon:user repeatedly

Karl-Philipp Richter richter@richtercloud.de
Sun, 7 Aug 2016 14:06:48 +0200

I'm authenticating for my OpenAFS with `kinit admin && aklog` as user
`richter` and get read/write access to all my volumes. Yet, the
ownership is `daemon:richter` on all files which I can change with
Linux' `chown` command. Strangely those changes are undone over the time
and the ownership becomes `daemon:richter` again. I didn't observe the
process of resetting and thus can't tell if they're reset all at once or
over the time.How can I make my files permanently be owned by

According to `ps aux | grep afs` all processes are run by `root`.

I'm using OpenAFS 1.6.15-1ubuntu1 on Ubuntu 16.04.