[OpenAFS] compile fails kernel version 4.4.0-1-default

mdrslmr mdrslmr@online.de
Mon, 7 Mar 2016 08:57:00 +0100 (CET)


On Mon, 7 Mar 2016, Benjamin Kaduk wrote:

> On Thu, 3 Mar 2016, Michael Dressel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just created another error using the openafs repository.
>> I was on commit
>> b702ab5da216976ed01ad3b1c474ecd4cc522ff2
>> and checked out cb0081604ef5369f34279c6eb77eb4d28406f2ac
>> This created the error shown below.
> Er, are those versions you were running, or are you just saying that you
> were in a git repo and HEAD was b702ab5da216976ed01ad3b1c474ecd4cc522ff2
> and you ran 'git checkout cb0081604ef5369f34279c6eb77eb4d28406f2ac'?

Yes when my working directory and HEAD was on
b702ab5da216976ed01ad3b1c474ecd4cc522ff2 and then I did git checkout
cb0081604ef5369f34279c6eb77eb4d28406f2ac the described error occurred.
Now I tried to reproduce it. This time the checkout went well. But when
I afterwards did a git checkout master back to
b702ab5da216976ed01ad3b1c474ecd4cc522ff2 I got the error I described
first with the error code -512.

> In any case, I don't think there's anywhere near enough information to
> diagnose any issues that might be present.  For this sort of 'lost
> contact' situation, it can be helpful to have a network capture of the
> traffic in question.

I agree. I will see if I can find out more.