[OpenAFS] How to provide default fs storebehind value and specific value for path already on creation

Karl-Philipp Richter richter@richtercloud.de
Mon, 31 Oct 2016 15:53:46 +0100

I'd like to provide a quite high default value for `fs storebehind`, but
another lower value for VirtualBox related files because it assumes
write failure after a timeout. I can run

    find /afs/richtercloud.de/virtualbox-vms/ -print -exec /usr/bin/fs
storebehind -kbytes 500000 -files {} +

in an `ExecStartPost` directive in the `openafs-client` `systemd` unit,
but that wouldn't apply to newly created files until reboot. Is there a
way that I can make sure that newly created files have a specific `fs
storebehind` value immediately?

I'm using OpenAFS on Ubuntu 16.10.