[OpenAFS] getcwd() error for RHEL 7.4 kernel

Stephan Wiesand stephan.wiesand@desy.de
Fri, 20 Oct 2017 12:04:28 +0200

> On 20. Oct 2017, at 03:41, Benjamin Kaduk <kaduk@mit.edu> wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> On Thu, Oct 19, 2017 at 09:18:56AM -0400, Matt Vander Werf wrote:
>> Hi Ben,
>> What do you mean by an openafs config.log? Where would this be at? =
Would it
>> be on the client or the AFS file server? Or is there something that =
>> to be done to generate this log file?
> This is the config.log generated by the (autoconf) configure script =
> runs as part of the openafs build; I'm interested in the log from a =

I ran configure against the EL7.3 and EL7.4 GA kernels (3.10.0-514.el7 =
and 3.10.0-696.el7) and compared the results.

Besides the fact that in the 7.4 case conftest.c is compiled with an =
additional -DCONFIG_AVX512, which I doubt makes a difference, there are =
some differences in configure test results:

			7.3	7.4
locks_lock_file_wait	no	yes
inode_lock		no	yes
exported tasklist_lock	yes	no

If you still want the full log(s) I can provide them.

Stephan Wiesand
Platanenallee 6
15738 Zeuthen, Germany