[OpenAFS] Current "balance" practice?

Chaskiel Grundman cg2v@andrew.cmu.edu
Sat, 1 Dec 2018 04:29:29 +0000

>> The vsu_ClientInit() signature change was a side-effect of the
>> refactoring of ugen_ClientInit().  No one remembered the possible out of
>> tree usage of vsu_ClientInit().  vsu_ClientInit() is not an exported
>> function.  As such its status as public is murky at best.
>Indeed, I use the export symbol lists for the public shared libraries to
>determine what standard of review to apply to API changes, and non-exporte=
>symbols mostly get a free-for-all for API changes.

If that's how the world works, then commit to it, and don't publish the rel=
ated archive libraries or headers anymore. I guess this is already in progr=
ess, as the prototypes for UV_* functions used by balance and backup client=
s  (in volser_prototypes.h and volser_internal.h) are not part of distribut=

The "public" shared libraries started life as "what the threaded fileserver=
 and windows processes running in the service manager need from rx/rxkad/de=
s/comerr" and "what the threaded fileserver needed from afsconf" + "what li=
badmin needed from the kaserver client". Only people who really cared about=
 getting rid of LWP would have tried to migrate to them from the old archiv=
e libraries.=