[OpenAFS] Red Hat EL Support Customers - Please open a support case for kafs in RHEL8

Dirk Heinrichs dirk.heinrichs@altum.de
Fri, 7 Dec 2018 17:26:09 +0100

Am 07.12.18 um 00:33 schrieb Jeffrey Altman:

> 5. Are there features that OpenAFS has that kafs does not?
> Yes.  kafs does not split horizon caching, it does not have an
> equivalent of cache bypass, it does not implement any of the rxdebug or=

> xstat_cm statistics collection. Nor does it provide pioctls and there i=
> no fs, vos, pts, bos command suite.  kafs does not export afs2nfs.

What about PAM integration? Does pam-afs-session also work with kafs? Or
is there any other way for users to get access to their $HOME in /afs?

=46rom the documentation inside the kernel tree I take it that there's
currently only a klog program, which needs to be invoked explicitly (so
AFTER the user has logged in). Or can it be used by said PAM module by
using its "program=3Dpath" configuration option (see pam_afs_session(5))?=


=C2=A0=C2=A0=C2=A0 Dirk

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