[OpenAFS] connection timed out, how long is the timeout?

Benjamin Kaduk kaduk@mit.edu
Sun, 4 Feb 2018 13:27:07 -0600

On Sun, Feb 04, 2018 at 12:29:30PM +0000, Jose M Calhariz wrote:
> Hi,
> I am chasing the root problem in my infra-structure of afsdb and
> afs-fileservers.  Sometimes my afsdb loses quorum in the middle of a

It is a pretty disruptive event to lose quorum; do you have any idea
what might be responsible for that happening?

> vos operation or the Linux clients time out talking to the
> file servers.  To help diagnose the problem I would like to know how
> long is the timeout and if I can change the time out connections in
> the Debian clients and for the vos operations.  My plan is to increase and

The ubik election to determine quorum happens every SMALLTIME (60)
seconds, but normally the current coordinator will retain that role
and operations can span multiple election cycles.

Most of the timeouts involved (e.g., RX_IDLE_DEAD_TIME and
AFS_RXDEADTIME) are also on the order of a minute.

I think you'd need to recompile in order to adjust these timeouts,
though.  And I really would recommend tracking down why you're
losing quorum before trying to paper over things with longer


> decrease the timeouts in OpenAFS and other timeouts in Linux to
> identify if I have a possible problem with the data network, iSCSI
> network, overload on the hosts of VM, overload on the file servers or
> other possible problem.
> The core of my infra-structure are 4 afsdb running Debian 9, and using
> OpenAFS from Debian 1.6.20, on a shared virtualization platform.  The
> file-servers running Debian 9 and using OpenAFS from Debian, 1.6.20,
> are VMs in dedicated hosts for OpenAFS on top of libvirt/KVM.
> Kind regards
> Jose M Calhariz
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