[OpenAFS] Is member of a machine group honored as system:authuser?

Garance A Drosehn drosih@rpi.edu
Wed, 24 Jan 2018 22:11:37 -0500

On 24 Jan 2018, at 14:31, Ximeng Guan wrote:

> I would expect that a local user on, even without an AFS 
> token, would be able to "cd" into the top directory of the cell. But 
> in reality that does not happen. An unauthenticated user is denied of 
> access.
> When I explicitly put "machinegrp rl" on the ACL of the cell's top 
> directory (root.cell), an unauthenticated user is indeed able to 
> access the AFS space.
> This is not quite convenient, because to allow the user of that 
> specific machine to launch a license software installed in a certain 
> (deep) directory under AFS, for example 
> /afs/cellname/tools/vendors/abc/softwarexx/bin, we would have to 
> explicitly place "machinegrp l" on the ACL of the parent directories 
> of ./bin from /softwarexx all the way up to /cellname.
> Then if we have another software and another machine group, we will 
> have to do the same again, and the ACL of our root.cell directory will 
> soon be populated with machine group entries. That does not seem to be 
> an elegant solution.

Well, one thing you could do is create one PTS group, add the individual 
machine-groups to that common PTS group, and then use the the common PTS 
group for permitting directories.  And then when you get to a directory 
which has to be permitted to just one of those machines (and not to any 
other machine groups), you'd use the individual machine-group instead of 
the common one.

I use IP-based permissions for a few things.  In at least one case, it 
looks like I created a single group, and then kept adding the IP 
addresses as new entries in that one PTS group.

You might also have to logout and log back in again.  I have a vague 
memory that PTS groups are only evaluated at login time.  I'm not sure 
that works with machine-groups.

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