[OpenAFS] volscan command broke on rhel 7.5

John Sopko sopko@cs.unc.edu
Thu, 12 Jul 2018 08:15:15 -0400

I have been using the volscan command on Red Hat 6.x for several years
to generate a report of volumes and there mount points:

/usr/afs/bin/volscan -find mount -output host partid vname vid vtype
mtype mcell mvol path -noheading

I have upgraded one of our file servers to Red Hat 7.5 and the volscan
command produces no output.

If I do not specify the -find option and use the defaults on rhel7.5,
it finds some data but cannot get it to show mount points.

I am running openafs, with the latest Red Hat kernel:

Any ideas, thanks.

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