[OpenAFS] Windows 10, KDC not reachable / AFS integrated login failed

Andreas Ladanyi andreas.ladanyi@kit.edu
Thu, 14 Jun 2018 14:44:31 +0200

Hi Gaja,

you are great. Thank you. It works.


> Am 30.01.2018 um 14:09 schrieb Andreas Ladanyi:
>> Windows 10 Pro , Auristor AFS client package
>> When starting the device and before login screen appears the messages
>> appears: [snip]
>> AFS integrated login failed
>> before it is possible to enter credentials at windows login box (display
>> manager).
> This is a rather late answer, but since I just happened to stumble
> again over the solution, I thought I'd post it here in case it is
> still useful for anybody.
>> Is it possible to start kerberos client and afs client after entering
>> the credentials at windows 10 ?
> Yes, that is possible. The solution is basically what is posted on
> this website:
> https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/49963-use-sign-info-auto-finish-after-update-restart-windows-10-a.html
> Apparently, Windows 10 since some version is able to "remember"
> login-credentials over a reboot, and will use these internal
> credentials to sign-in to windows even before you enter the password.
> This unfortunately triggers also the "integrated login" to AFS, but
> since there is no password for it to work with, it will fail.
> Once this option in Windows is disabled, Windows will not try to do an
> integrated login without password and everything is ok.
> Greetings,
> Gaja Peters