[OpenAFS] fs newcell / clients CellServDB / adding new db server

Andreas Ladanyi andreas.ladanyi@kit.edu
Fri, 15 Jun 2018 15:52:24 +0200

Hi Jeffrey,
>>> i understand that a change in CellServDB on client does have no effect
>>> until reboot.
>> The OpenAFS unix cache manager populates the list of location servers
>> (vlservers) at startup.  The loaded server list can be adjusted via the
>> "fs newcell" command at runtime.
>> This behavior is specific to the OpenAFS unix cache manager.
>> It does not apply to other cache managers nor does it apply to command
>> line tools such as aklog, vos, pts, etc..  Nor does it apply to PAM modules.
ok. so the process of change CellSrvDB on db servers and bos restart AND
updating (copying) new CellServDB to clients has to be done in a very
short time to minimize timeout symptoms for users, because db servers
has to be in sync and ubik coordinator has to be elected and the afs
clients with new CellServDB with the new db server (lowest ip) asks the
new db server (ubik coordinator) first.