[OpenAFS] afs backup solutions ?

Stephen stephen@email.unc.edu
Wed, 2 May 2018 08:15:07 -0400 (EDT)

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On Tue, 1 May 2018, Gary Gatling wrote:

> So... we have a backup solution we are working on with some windows file
> servers to back them up to AWS Glacier.  https://aws.amazon.com/glacier/
> I was wondering if it might be possible to use some kind of open source
> software to handle openafs file server backups and restores ? Something such
> as amanda ?  http://www.amanda.org/ Could that be made to backup to AWS
> Glacier with vos dump or something?

I'm been using BackupAFS <https://sourceforge.net/projects/backupafs/> for 
a dozen or so years. I currently back up ~75TB with it. Once it's set up, 
it's 99.9% hands-off. You can basically use any storage backend that can be 
presented to your backup server as a semi-normal filesystem (DAS, SAN, NFS, 
NAS, ... even AFS itself if you're crazy like a fox). [N.B. I wrote 
portions of it.]

But honestly, if you already have a non-AFS-aware backup solution that 
handles regular files, using vos to dump volumes to files is so easy that 
probably hundreds of admins have each written unique scripts to do it.

My main advice is to use what you're comfortable with and understand. Oh, 
and test your restores regularly.

> Thanks for any ideas anyone has...

Good luck,