[OpenAFS] automatic replication of ro volumes

Andreas Ladanyi andreas.ladanyi@kit.edu
Mon, 12 Nov 2018 15:21:36 +0100

Hi Jeffrey,
>> it is common an openafs admin has to sync an ro volume after something
>> is added to rw volume. This is done by the vos release command. I think
>> its the only way. Are there automatic sync functions in the vol / fs server.
> The risk of automated volume releases is that the automated system does
> not know when the volume contents are in a consistent and quiescent state.

ok, but vos release "knows" them ?

Is there something against a crontab script as root with vos lock and 
vos release to all volumes (with an ro site)  ?

> Sites often use remctl to grant end users the ability to release their
> own volumes.
> Automated releases of RO volumes are a poor substitute for replicated RW
> volumes.  RW replication is a feature which was never completed for OpenAFS.
> Jeffrey Altman