[OpenAFS] Installation and set up guide for Scientific Linux-7.5

Adam Jensen hanzer@riseup.net
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 15:32:03 -0500


I would like to explore OpenAFS. Does anyone know of an up-to-date
installation and set up guide for SL-7.5? The software seems to be

[hanzer@moria ~]$ yum list openafs\*
Available Packages
openafs-1.6-sl.x86_64                   1.6.23-289.sl7    sl-security
openafs-1.6-sl-authlibs.x86_64          1.6.23-289.sl7    sl-security
openafs-1.6-sl-authlibs-devel.x86_64    1.6.23-289.sl7    sl-security
openafs-1.6-sl-client.x86_64            1.6.23-289.sl7    sl-security
openafs-1.6-sl-compat.x86_64            1.6.23-289.sl7    sl-security
openafs-1.6-sl-devel.x86_64             1.6.23-289.sl7    sl-security
openafs-1.6-sl-kernel-source.x86_64     1.6.23-289.sl7    sl-security
openafs-1.6-sl-kpasswd.x86_64           1.6.23-289.sl7    sl-security
openafs-1.6-sl-krb5.x86_64              1.6.23-289.sl7    sl-security
openafs-1.6-sl-module-tools.x86_64      1.6.23-289.sl7    sl-security
openafs-1.6-sl-plumbing-tools.x86_64    1.6.23-289.sl7    sl-security
openafs-1.6-sl-server.x86_64            1.6.23-289.sl7    sl-security

But I haven't been able to find an accessible set of instructions that
don't require an extensive investment in research, study and translation
to a modern environment. Perhaps if those of you with some experience of
the technology could guide me through an installation and basic
configuration then my notes could be shaped into a guide.

I have an SL-7.5 server with LVM partitions /vicep{a..f} that are
currently 100GB each but there is plenty of storage space available to
expand the capacity of these partitions. I have an SL-7.5 laptop that
can act as a client. I also have two Ubuntu-18.04 machines that could be
clients, and I have a FreeBSD machine but OpenAFS doesn't seem to be
available in its ports system.

Given this basis, it might be possible to experiment with several
desirable scenarios and record a straightforward set of installation,
configuration, and administration instructions for each that would
enable people to assess the technology in a tractable, cost-effective way.

If this seems reasonable, I would love to get started.


PS - I've posted this to both the -docs and -info lists. Those familiar
with the community/culture might need to lead the conversation to the
best list by managing their "reply-to" addresses...