[OpenAFS] vos release stops at 2^64 packets sent.

Mark Vitale mvitale@sinenomine.net
Tue, 28 Jun 2022 14:41:04 +0000

> On 27 Jun 2022, at 11:14 PM, Mark Vitale <mvitale@sinenomine.net> wrote:
>> On 27 Jun 2022, at 3:18 PM, Richard Brittain <Richard.Brittain@dartmouth=
.edu> wrote:
>> I know this is a long shot, but I've got a no-quota volume of approx 6TB=
, and I'm trying to replicate it.  It appears to be going fine until the pa=
cketRead counter reaches 2^64 and then it stops (doesn't abort).
> Are you sure it's 2^64?  The rx_call->rnext member is the source of the p=
acketRead counter, and it is type afs_uint32, so it should roll over at 2^3=
2 (4294967296 packets).  As far as I can tell, nothing would change in this=
 regard in 1.8.x.   However, that should be plenty to move 6TB at 800-1400 =
bytes per packet.

Sorry for the error in my mental math - I read 6TB, but was thinking 6GB.  =
So of course 2^32 packets is not "plenty" enough for your volume, as Jeffre=
y correctly pointed out in his earlier reply.  Unfortunately I didn't see h=
is reply until much later, so I apologize for the confusion.

Mark Vitale
Sine Nomine Associates