[OpenAFS] 1.8.9 in ppa:openafs/stable for Ubuntu 22.04.2 (kernel 5.19)?

Jan Henrik Sylvester me@janh.de
Tue, 17 Jan 2023 11:19:32 +0100


with Ubuntu 22.04.2 scheduled for 2023-Feb-9, I guess kernel 5.19 will 
come very soon to standard Ubuntu 22.04 desktop (that defaults to the 
hwe kernel).

Testing with linux-generic-hwe-22.04-edge (5.19.0-28) instead of 
linux-generic-hwe-22.04 (5.15.0-58), I see that the DKMS module of 
openafs-client from ppa:openafs/stable 
fails to build.

Will ppa:openafs/stable be updated to 1.8.9, soon? Or could the patches 
from Ubuntu kinetic ("Cherry-pick upstream patches for v5.19 compat.") 
be included in ppa:openafs/stable for Ubuntu 22.04?

Thanks a lot,
Jan Henrik