[OpenAFS] 2023 AFS Technology Workshop

Di Marco White, Tracy J Tracy.DiMarcoWhite@gs.com
Mon, 6 Mar 2023 20:51:57 +0000

Dear community,

The organizers of the 2023 AFS Technology Workshop invite you to participat=
e in this year's virtual workshop. The workshop will be held Monday June 12=
th through Wednesday June 14th with presentations, panels, and site reports=
 each day from 9:30 am EDT until 3:00 pm EDT, and themed community discussi=
on time (hallway track) Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:30am EDT and Monday, Tue=
sday, and Wednesday after presentations complete for the day.

Important dates:

    Call for Presentations: Presentation proposals can be submitted from no=
w until April 18th.   Please see https://workshop.openafs.org/afsbpw23/cfp/=
 for details.

    Site Report Submissions: Site Reports will be accepted until the availa=
ble site report slots are filled.   Site reports are 5 to 15 minute introdu=
ctions to your personal or organizational use of AFS technologies.   Site r=
eports help build a shared community and provide an ice breaker for virtual=
 hallway conversations.

    Registration: Registration will be available starting May 1st.

Messages will be sent every two weeks from now until the conference as remi=
nders of upcoming deadlines and to provide additional information as it bec=
omes available.

The 2023 AFS Technology Workshop organizers


Your Personal Data: We may collect and process information about you that m=
ay be subject to data protection laws. For more information about how we us=
e and disclose your personal data, how we protect your information, our leg=
al basis to use your information, your rights and who you can contact, plea=
se refer to: www.gs.com/privacy-notices<http://www.gs.com/privacy-notices>