[OpenAFS] Site report suggestions RE: 2023 AFS Technology Workshop

Di Marco White, Tracy J Tracy.DiMarcoWhite@gs.com
Mon, 6 Mar 2023 21:31:53 +0000

> On Mar 6, 2023, at 2:52 PM, Di Marco White, Tracy J <Tracy.DiMarcoWhite@g=
s.com> wrote:

>     Site Report Submissions: Site Reports will be accepted until the avai=
lable site report slots are filled.   Site reports are 5 to 15 minute intro=
ductions to your personal or organizational use of AFS technologies.   Site=
 reports help build a shared community and provide an ice breaker for virtu=
al hallway conversations.

I created a list of things to consider including in your site repot, modifi=
ed, of course, by what you are allowed to say about your particular site.

Talk about: What is your institution/company/school/personal site, what dri=
ves your AFS usage, what's your userbase type, where you'll be in 5 years, =
what draws you to AFS? why are you attending this year? what are you hoping=
 to share? what are you hoping to learn?
A lot of the following can be expanded with a "why?" as well:
        # of cells
        # of servers (fileserver & database server)
        # of clients
        # of volumes
        # of PT entries
        What do you use for backups
        What do you do for firewall rules & accessibility
        Using DNS, or configuration files for cell information
        How many Kerberos realms do you use
        How many Kerberos realms are trusted by your primary cell
        Do your Kerberos realms share cross-realm trusts with those in othe=
r organizations
        How old is root.cell (creation time from "vos examine root.cell")
        Virtual or physical hardware for servers & what baseline
        How much storage and what kind



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