[OpenAFS] 1.8.10 from ppa:openafs/stable fails on Ubuntu 22.04 due to kernel 6.5

Jan Henrik Sylvester me@janh.de
Wed, 10 Jan 2024 15:41:15 +0100


another half year has passed, same problem with Ubuntu:

Today, Ubuntu 22.04 replaced the default desktop kernel with 6.5 (it was 
6.2 yesterday). Since desktop defaults to the HWE kernel, this kernel 
will be installed automatically on desktop installation immediately.

1.8.10 from ppa:openafs/stable fails to build for kernel 6.5.

Someone tried to put a fix in the Ubuntu repository for Jammy a month ago:


Unfortunately, there is a build failure on amd64 indicated there. That 
is probably the reason why it is still 'proposed'.

Is anyone already working on a fix for ppa:openafs/stable or the Ubuntu 

Jan Henrik