[OpenAFS-announce] OpenAFS 1.3.64 release available

Derrick J Brashear shadow@dementia.org
Wed, 12 May 2004 01:10:02 -0400 (EDT)

OpenAFS 1.3.64 is now available for download from the openafs.org web

All platforms now support Kerberos v5 MD4 and MD5 tickets.

For Windows, 1.3.64 represents the currently supported client. We
recommend upgrading from previous releases if you are having problems
or wish to experiment with hosting an AFS Cell on Windows.
Major changes since 1.3.63 include:
   * afsd_service.exe will now display a message box to the
     desktop when it terminates due to an IP Address Change.
   * installer generates a warning dialog if the RPC service
     is not properly configured
   * afscreds.exe now accepts user names containing instance
   * Fix the Directory Name Lookup Cache to be case-sensitive.
     If the directory contains "FOO" and "Foo", you want "DEL Foo" to
     delete the correct one.
   * Fix afscreds.exe -M option (renewMaps) to work when High
     Security mode is off.  Also, remember to disable the ActiveMap
     flag in afsdsbmt.ini when a drive mapping is removed.
   * afslogon.dll now uses KFW to obtain tokens when available
   * fs.exe:  added "cscpolicy" which is used to
     change client side caching policy for AFS shares
   * It is now possible to obtain tokens using cross realm
     Kerberos within afscreds.exe.
   * aklog.exe has been added to the client

Please read afs-changes-since-1.2.txt for complete details.

For Unix, 1.3.64 includes several enhancements which have not yet appeared in
stable OpenAFS releases, however, some of these have not yet been
heavily tested. Accordingly, this release should be treated as an unstable
development release and not run in an environment where you'd be unwilling
to potentially discover and help us track bugs.

1.3.64 also includes the first Linux 2.6 client which should work without
needing to explicitly export sys_call_table; However, at this time,
Process Authentication Group (PAG) functionality does not work.
Thanks to Chas Williams and Jonathan Curley.

The latest unstable release can be found at:


Derrick, for the OpenAFS Gatekeepers