[OpenAFS-announce] OpenAFS 1.4.5 release available

Derrick J Brashear openafs-info@openafs.org
Fri, 26 Oct 2007 17:58:06 -0400 (EDT)

The OpenAFS Gatekeepers announce the availability of OpenAFS version
1.4.5.  Source files and available binaries can be accessed via the web at:


or via AFS at:


This is the current recommended release for all Unix platforms; For Windows, we 
recommend use of the current 1.5 series release for best performance, and 
we do not expect to provide OpenAFS 1.4.5 binaries for Windows.

                   OpenAFS Release Notes - Version 1.4.5
All systems: Minor bugfixes.
New systems: MacOS 10.5.

All systems:

- fileserver address tracking is improved to avoid potentially merging
   unrelated hosts.

- Documentation updates.

- namei fileserver now does fsync()s in background batches for performance

- Kerberos ticket support corrected in bundled Kerberos 4 utilities on 64
   bit platforms.

- fileserver includes limited per-host thread quota support to avoid
   resource starvation.

- fileserver deals with more types of damaged volumes without asserting.

- vos validates dumpfiles before attempting restores.

- vos clone will no longer potentially delete the parent volume.

- Client no longer permits empty UUID to be created.

- fs uuid command for checking, regenerating UUID added.

- Updates for gcc 4.2.

- fileserver treats w (write) permission as granting read lock permission
   in addition to write.


- Bundled NAS Kerberos is now supported. (5.x)

- LAM aklog module is provided. (5.x)

- Associate cache files with correct filesystem to avoid snapshots when
   performing maintenance on local filesystems.


- Makefile updates.


- Kernels through 2.6.23 are known to work.

- Updates to syscall table probing.

- Bug fix in keyring PAG support to avoid oops.

- updated sample RPM configuration.

- sparc32 lwp support updated.

- Avoid potential oops in symlink support in certain older kernels.

- Avoid potential deadlock during vmalloc.

- Corrected locking while interacting with kernel task list.

MacOS (http://www.openafs.org/macos.html):

- Several panics fixed, including remove_fsref. (10.4 and later)

- IP address changes now tracked.

- Corrected support for dropboxes (li access without r) with cp and Finder.

- fstrace and ancillary files now included.

- man pages are now installed in the default MANPATH.

- Servers will be timed out quickly if there is no route available.

- Temporary files from remove-while-busy now cleaned up correctly.


- Updates to accomodate kernel interface changes. (10u4 and later)

- knfs and NFS translator support updated.

- Changes to accomodate version 5.4 xbsa library.

- Updates for new SunStudio defaults.

Bug reports should be filed to openafs-bugs@openafs.org.

Thanks are due as usual to our dedicated team of binary builders 
(Harald Barth, Doug Engert, Chaskiel Grundman, Tom Keiser, Jim Rees, 
Gwendolyn Schmidt, Simon Wilkinson) without whom the broad range of 
released binaries would not be possible. Additionally, the revised web 
pages for the binary releases are possible thanks to the work of Steve 
Devine and Eric Holp.

Derrick J Brashear
for the OpenAFS gatekeepers