[OpenAFS-announce] afs-admin-tools 2.0 released

Russ Allbery openafs-info@openafs.org
Tue, 15 Jan 2013 21:08:30 -0800

I'm pleased to announce release 2.0 of afs-admin-tools.

afs-admin-tools provides a collection of additional utilities to help ease
administration of AFS servers, volumes, and directory ACLs.  It includes
scripts to report the differences between read-only and read/write
volumes; make all fs commands recursive; create, delete, and move volumes
more easily than with vos alone; and report AFS server partition usage in
a more readable form.

Changes from previous release:

    Initial tarball release, based on frak 1.34, fsr 1.14, lsmounts 1.8,
    mvto 1.17, partinfo 1.3, volcreate 1.26, volcreate-logs 1.22, and
    volnuke 1.15.

    All utilities now load /etc/afs-admin-tools/config if it exists and
    honor configuration variables set there.  All utilities now document
    their supported configuration variables.

    Look for AFS utilities on the user's PATH by default, except for vos
    where /usr/local/sbin and /usr/sbin are checked first (since those
    directories may not be on the PATH).

    volcreate no longer requires mount points begin with the
    Stanford-specific path prefix.  Instead, a new configuration variable,
    $VOLCREATE_MOUNT_PREFIX, can be set in the configuration file to
    require mount point paths begin with that prefix.  If the prefix
    requires read/write paths and the read-only path is given, it will be
    converted automatically rather than failing.

    volcreate no longer runs loadmtpt by default.  To enable loadmtpt
    support, set $LOADMTPT in the configuration file to the path to the
    loadmtpt utility.  Checking of the mount point prefix is only done if
    loadmtpt support is enabled, since otherwise it doesn't matter how the
    mount point path is designated.

    Remove support for Kerberos v4 authentication in volcreate-logs.  This
    only applies to the -k option, not to use of pre-existing credentials.

You can download it from:


This package is maintained using Git; see the instructions on the above
page to access the Git repository.

Debian packages have been uploaded to my personal Debian repository.  If
you would like to see them in Debian proper, please let me know.

Please let me know of any problems or feature requests not already listed
in the TODO file.

Russ Allbery (rra@stanford.edu)             <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>