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Sat, 10 Feb 2001 15:46:18 EST

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DELTA winnt-directory-scan-memory-leak-20010210
During a directory scan W2K does not send the FindClose the way NT does.
When smb_ReceiveTran2SearchDir() processes FindFirst or FindNext, the
termination Flags is never set either (close search if end of search).
Since these operations don't occur smb_DeleteDirSearch() is never called;
therefore the dsp (smb_dirSearch_t) is never freed.

This problem was reproducible while trying to scan a directory (e.g. dir
*.c/s) with symbolic links.

When smb_ReceiveTran2SearchDir() processes FindFirst or FindNext the last
SMB call in a session can be indicated by checking for no more files

Running a directory scan (DOS window) and file cache size of 5 MB:
   With the memory leak patch, the program grew upto the limit of +5.3MB.
   Without the patch, the program will grew +27MB before the operation was
   finished, then became unstable."

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