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Wed, 23 Apr 2003 00:31:14 EDT

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DELTA afs-analyze-avoid-potential-loop-20030423

avoid potentially looping forever in e.g. afs_FetchStatus because 
we exit afs_Analyze too early to increment busyCount, and despite having
areq->busyCount non-zero we have servers still not_busy which are already down
that we'll never talk to again. that combined with no conn means we never
touch most of afs_Analyze, exiting early with shouldRetry set.

incrementing busyCount whenever we exit with shouldRetry set should
ensure we can never end up looping forever.

--- DELTA config follows ---
afs-analyze-avoid-potential-loop-20030423 openafs/src/afs/afs_analyze.c 1.16 1.17