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Sun, 07 Dec 2003 17:49:17 EST

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DELTA ticket-2618-patches-20031207

flexelint patches for prototype handling from Joe Beuhler


This patch adds a bunch of missing prototypes, makes various
corrections to global prototypes, and removes global declarations that
are not needed.

One set of added prototypes is commented out because it applies to
some printf-like functions that are implemented the way it used to be
done before varargs existed, and they need to be unprototyped or the
code will fail to compile.  (There are a number of functions in the
OpenAFS code that need to be converted to use varargs...)

There is one place of note in src/WINNT/afsd/fs.c where typedefs for
afs_int32 and afs_uint32 conflict with afs/stds.h.  I just added a
note to that effect.

Prototypes in src/WINNT/afsd/fs.c are incorrect for Windows NT.  I
don't know whether the return type involved changes from platform to
platform -- they come from .xg files.

Some prototypes are now commented out or #ifdef'd to match the code
that uses them.

Some global variables conflict between modules and have been made static.
The bufferBlock variable was of two completely different types...

In src/config/stds.h, I changed the declaration of afs_intmax_t to
reflect the fact that the Windows platform supports 64 bit integers.
This may be incorrect semantically, but I believe it is needed for the
%llx format to match afs_intmax_t arguments (for printing of inodes
mainly, I believe).

There were two different declarations for the rxkad_stats structure --
I synced them up.

- Joe

Removed the conflicting typedefs from src/WINNT/afsd/fs.c

Removed the changes to src/config/stds.h.  Added declaration of 
AFS_64BIT_CLIENT to src/config/NTMakefile.i386_nt40 instead.

Do not remove unused variables which are defintions of data type
values.  Instead comment them out to avoid space utilization and

--- DELTA config follows ---
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