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Tue, 03 Aug 2004 13:27:58 EDT

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DELTA windows-misc-20040803

Increase max chunksize to 128K from 32K.  Windows uses 64K SMB writes. 
The large chunksize helps reduce the overlapped write to afs issue.

Increase number of server threads from 4 to 25.  Also helps to aleviate
the symptoms of the overlapped write to afs issue.  I can now write files
as large as 80MB.  120MB files still fail.

Export pr_CreateUser and pr_SNameToId from afsauthent.lib in order to
allow aklog.exe to use them to determine if a new pts uid should be 
created for a user when accessing a foreign cell.

Modify pioctl to output a message to stderr if a Downgrade Detection error
has been returned when attempting to open the __IOCTL__ file.

Increase version number to 1.3.6601

Use HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer:Logon User Name
to determine the current user name for the afscreds.exe display

Do not allow submount names to have forward or backward slashes

Add debug info to cm_ioctl to track token addition and deletion

Add register new user code to aklog.exe from KenH's AFS kit

Correct test in cm_callback.c for freelance root.afs volume which 
should not have been applied when freelance was not active.

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