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Thu, 05 Aug 2004 12:28:11 EDT

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DELTA winxp-sp2-pioctl-20040805

On Windows XP SP2, when a Kerberos principal is used for login and the
KDC is not reachable, Windows will return a DOWNGRADE_DETECTED error 
when attempting to open the ioctl file.  This is because NTLM will not
be permitted when there is the potential of an attack.  There is a hack
to get around this.  Manually create a CIFS connection to the AFS client
service while specifying the current user's name.  This will use the cached
password and allow the downgrade to NTLM.

--- DELTA config follows ---
winxp-sp2-pioctl-20040805 openafs/src/sys/pioctl_nt.c 1.17 1.18