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Tue, 17 Aug 2004 00:28:44 EDT

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      Tag: openafs-stable-1_4_x
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DELTA post-1-3-70-windows-changes-20040816

  * Fix aklog.exe to not add the AFS ID to the username

  * PTS registration of new users to foreign cells has been added to 

  * The cm_Daemon thread is used to perform checks for 
    down servers, up servers, volumes, callback expirations, 
    lock maintenance and token expiration.  Due to a gaff in
    larger integer division the thread never performed any 
    work.  Instead the current time computation would always
    be less then the trigger times.  This had an adverse affect
    on the client's ability to maintain communication with servers,
    keep volumes up to date, and flush user tokens and acls
    when they have expired. This was broken when the 1.3 branch
    was modified to support VC7 which no longer included 

  * An initialization problem with the Freelance code was 
    detected while fixing the callbackRequest.  The cm_rootSCachep
    object is obtained during afsd_InitDaemons() but the callback 
    information is incomplete.  The callback information will not
    be obtained until cm_MergeStatus is called from within
    cm_GetCallback.  Unfortunately, cm_SyncOp did not properly 
    test for the conditions under which the callback information
    must be obtained.  

  * Reports have been filed indicating that callbacks were
    being lost.  An examination of the code indicated that the
    cm_server_t objects were not being properly reference
    counted by the cm_scache_t and cm_callbackRequest_t objects.
    In particular, the cm_server_t objects may have been freed
    from beneath the cm_conn_t objects.

    All of the reference counting is now done via the functions:
    this improves the ability to track the referrals.  

    Each cm_BeginCallbackGranting Call now allocates a reference
    to the cm_server_t.  The cm_EndCallbackGrantingCall either
    frees the reference or transfers it to the cm_scache_t
    cbServerp field.  These are then appropriately tracked
    through the cm_Analyze call.

  * Ensure that the dnlc hash table is the same size as the
    dir name hash table (as per original author's note).
    Increase the dnlc CM_AFSNCNAMESIZE to a multiple of 8
    for compatibility with 64-bit systems.

  * fix smb_ApplyV3DirListPatches to properly apply the hidden
     attribute to dotfiles when the infoLevel < 0x101 and 
     cm_SyncOp has failed.

  * Fix the Freelance registry initialization code.  There
    was a possibility that some systems could end up with 
    garbage in the registry during a clean install.

--- DELTA config for openafs-stable-1_4_x follows ---
post-1-3-70-windows-changes-20040816 openafs/src/config/NTMakefile.i386_nt40