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DELTA skyrope-mit-merge-hell-20040226

>From Skyrope:

The Skyrope work attempted to improve on the end user experience of using
OpenAFS in the following ways:

   * Obtain tokens using renewable Kerberos 5 tickets in order to
     reduce the need for end users to renew expired tokens
   * Monitor the list of IP Addresses in order to detect changes
     in the network configuration which might affect the reachability
     of cells or the state of the AFS Client Service.  When cells
     are newly reachable, obtain tokens for the cells.  If the AFS
     Client Service is not running, start it.  If tokens are expiring
     attempt to renew them.
   * Use KDC probes to detect the accessibility of realms/cells.  If
     the KDC is not reachable, do not prompt the end user for a
     username and password.  (fs probe is not implemented on windows)
   * Automatically obtain tokens using the Windows Logon Session
     Kerberos credentials (if available)
   * Allow tokens for multiple cells to be obtained by using the
     same Kerberos 5 tickets.  (no UI yet implemented)
   * Perform drive mapping persistance by tracking it within the
     afsdsbmt.ini file instead of relying on the Windows Shell
     to persist the state.
   * Add new afscreds.exe command line options and change the
     default set used when creating the "AFS Credentials" shortcut
     in the Start Menu->Programs->Startup folder. 

>From MIT:

   * Auto-detection of loopback adapters.  Use "AFS" as the netbios
     name when a loopback adapter is installed.

   * Support for responding to power management events.  Used to
     flush the cache when the machine is about to suspend, hibernate,
     or shutdown

   * Documentation of Registry entries

   * Support for Extended SMB Requests

   * Beginning of support for true Event Log reporting from a  
     message database

   * Hidden Dot File support (configured via the HideDotFiles 
     registry option)

   * Configurable Max number of Multiplexed Sessions (MaxMpxRequests 
     registry option)

   * Configurable Max MTU size (RxMaxMTU registry option)

   * Configurable Jumbogram support (RxNoJumbo registry option)

   * Configurable Max number of Virtual Connections per Server
     (MaxVCPerServer registry option)

   * Win32 DNS API support

   * Addition of SMB_ATTR_xxxx defines for use instead of hex numbers

   * A variety of heap access and resource deallocation errors corrected
     in the SMB code

   * Support for recursive directory creation

   * Modifications to the en_US version of the client configuration 
     dialog (need to port to other languages)

Notes on the current check-in:

   * The KfW code will always be used when installed on the machine.
     This code only supports Krb5 and will not work with Krb4 only
     realms.  A registry flag indicating whether or not KfW should be
     used if found needs to be added.

   * afscreds.exe needs to have a registry entry created to control
     the parameter list it should be started with.  There should be
     a dialog to control this in the installer and within afscreds.exe

   * The MIT method of auto-assigning the mount-root and the netbios
     name is in conflict with the morgan stanley submissions in some
     parts of the code.  If you are using the loopback adapter with
     this code both the "NetbiosName" = "AFS" and "Mountroot" = "/afs"
     registry options must be specified.  This will be fixed in coming

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