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Thu, 22 Jul 2004 05:23:57 EDT

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DELTA misc-cleanups-20040721

* Cleanup debug logging.  In particular, allow the TraceOptions registry
  value to be used as a bit flag as it was intended.  Give each type of
  debugging its own value instead of having each module test for the zero

* Modify the handling of the afsd_init.log file.  This file originally 
  was replaced on each start.  However, with auto-restart this causes 
  any error information from the previous halt to be lost.  So it was 
  changed quite a while back to append forever.  The problem with this
  is that the file gets unreasonably large.  Solution: add a new registry
  value, MaxLogSize, which determins how large the file should be allowed
  to become before truncation.  The default is 100K.  The magic value 0
  means grow indefinitely.

* Update afslogon.dll.  Cleanup logging.  Fix some errors.  Remove unused
  variables.  AND do not Forget Tokens on Logoff if the profile is located
  in AFS space.  

* Fix a bug introduced yesterday in cellconfig.c which caused problems
  accessing the CellServDB file

* Update the NSIS installer to replace the CRTL DLLs instead of overwrite

* Add new Startup Winlogon handler to initialize the TraceOption.

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