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DELTA afslogon-20040722

the procedure used to obtain the profile directory failed in Domains
which were not Forests.  If ADS_NAME_INITTYPE_GC fails, we must try
ADS_NAME_INITTYPE_DOMAIN which requires the Domain.  Added a Domain
parameter to QueryAdHomePathFromSid.  This was easy to obtain in 
the NPLogonNotify since the logon domain is provided as a parameter.
Unfortunately, the domain provided to the winlogon event notification
routine is the user authentication domain, not the logon domain for 
the local machine.  Needed to create a  GetLocalShortDomain function
which uses the IADsADSystemInfo COM interface to obtain the local
short domain.  With this in place, we can now properly detect the 
profile directory in all cases.

Document MaxLogSize in registry.txt

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