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Sat, 29 May 2004 19:48:08 EDT

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DELTA batch-commits-windows-20040529

   * Fixed DNS lookups to work consistently throughout the OpenAFS
     product instead of just from within the afsd_service.exe

   * Added a runtime check to ensure that AFS Client Service SMB
     Server is accepting connections before attempting to mount
     global drives.

   * Read IP addresses for volume servers out of the CellServDB
     file if gethostbyname() on the hostname fails.

   * Fix getcellconfig() to populate both the Hostnames as well
     as IP addresses when loading cell data via DNS

   * Increase the Connection Dead Time to 50 from 20 seconds
     Increase the Hard Dead Time to 120 from 40 seconds
     (matches the Unix values)

   * Fixed an assertion validating the number of allocated NCBs

   * Fixed the build environment to consistently build for 
     Windows 2000 and above.  (APPVER = 5.0)

   * Fixed rx_debug to properly validate the receipt in incoming
     data with select() and recvfrom().  Do not copy data out of
     the socket buffer unless success is indicated.

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