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Sun, 03 Apr 2005 14:13:33 EDT

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DELTA aix5-allocator-cleanup-20050403

* Removed memory allocation functions only used on AIX and ancient
   HPUX. If the performance penalty is noticeable, implement a wrapper
   at the osi-level in the same manner as LINUX/FBSD (ie not sprayed
   throughout the code).
* Removed all remnants of splnet()-style locking, it was not
   sufficient for MP anyway which the real locks are. Affects only AIX
   and HPUX.
* Drop the global locking in rxi_Alloc since the real locks do their
   jobs, affects only AIX41 and up (ie. MP capable OS).
* Fix the non-kernel wrapper for osi_Alloc/Free on AIX to take void *
   in the same manner as the rest of the functions. IMO this wrapper
   shouldn't be necessary since you should never ever malloc() 0 bytes,
   but since it's there I'd guess someone made stupid assumptions
* Restores MAXKTCTICKETLEN to 12000 on AIX
* Restores AFS_LWP_MINSTACKSIZE to 48k on AIX (might affect

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