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Thu, 08 Dec 2005 07:14:34 EST

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DELTA man-page-conversion-20051208

This is the initial conversion of the AFS Adminstrators Reference into POD
for use as man pages.  The man pages are now generated via pod2man from so that only those working from CVS have to have pod2man
available.  The Makefile only installs.  The pages have also been sorted
out into pod1, pod5, and pod8 directories, making conversion to the right
section of man page easier without maintaining a separate list and allowing
for names to be duplicated between pod5 and pod1 or pod8 (which will likely
be needed in a few cases).

This reconversion is done with a new script based on work by Chas Williams.
In some cases, the output is worse than the previous POD pages, but this is
a more comprehensive conversion.

This is only the first step, and this initial conversion has various
problems.  In addition, the file man pages that didn't have simple names
have not been converted in this pass and will be added later.  Some of the
man pages have syntax problems and all of them have formatting errors.  The
next editing pass, coming shortly, will clean up most of the remaining

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