OpenAFS CVS Commit: openafs/src/WINNT/afsd by jaltman

Thu, 22 Jun 2006 17:54:40 EDT

Update of /cvs/openafs/src/WINNT/afsd
In directory GRAND.CENTRAL.ORG:/home/jaltman/openafs/cvs-1-5/src/WINNT/afsd

Modified Files:
      Tag: openafs-devel-1_5_x
Log Message:
DELTA DEVEL15-windows-no-freelance-vldb-failover-20060622

When Freelance mode is not in use the cache manager must load the root.afs
volume of the default cell in order to be able to start.   Unfortunately,
if the first vlserver fails the request to obtain the volume information
will timeout and no retries will be performed.  This patch performs up
to 10 retries in the initialization code in order to enable the vlservers
to be marked down so that failover can occur.

--- DELTA config for openafs-devel-1_5_x follows ---
DEVEL15-windows-no-freelance-vldb-failover-20060622 openafs/src/WINNT/afsd/afsd_init.c 1.79