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Mon, 30 Jun 2008 23:35:56 EDT

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DELTA DEVEL153X-linux-nfstrans-updates-20080630
FIXES 105109

exportfs - NFS translator:

- The exportfs code is updated for the new export ops. The changes are made
conditional on a new configure test that detects the new ops. fh_to_dentry()
basically replaces decode_fh and uses our own get_dentry function instead of the
now defunct find_exported_dentry.
- A check for fh_len=4 is removed - in testing this value is always 6, possibly
because of changes in the kernel code.
- The check for authtab in osi_nfssrv.c assumes that an undefined weak symbol is
0. On my system, an unresolved weak symbol in a loaded module gets the value
0xfffffffe (-2 or -ENOENT) - again, probably a change on the kernel side. Check
that the pointer is not an error constant using IS_ERR().
- In osi_vfsops.c, only use the export_ops bits if building the translator

afspag: the problem here was dealing with unresolved symbols

- afs_showflags is redefined in afs_pag_call.c so it's available for the afspag
- A new source file afs_warn.c gets the afs_warn* functions from afs_util.c.
This allows the afspag module to get the afs_warnuser function without dragging
in too many symbols. The new file is attached separately.


- d_path() now takes a struct path argument - includes a new configure test
- osi_vfsmnt -> osi_vfsmount in osi_misc.c Looked like a typo?
- reorder the remove_proc_entry() calls - we need to remove the children before
the parent (introduced with my earlier patch)

--- DELTA config for openafs-devel-1_5_3x follows ---
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