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DELTA windows-unicode-support-20080509

This delta provides a fairly complete implementation of Unicode character
set support for the Windows Cache Manager and supporting tools including
fs.exe, symlink.exe, the pioctl library, and the explorer shell extension.

New Build requirements:

In order to build the Microsoft IDN Mitigation APIs SDK 1.1 is now required.
This SDK provides the normalization.h header and the redistribution 
install packages required to install normaliz.dll.   The AFSDEV_INCLUDE 
path must be modified to point to the directory containing normalization.h.
There are no lib files for this package.

Cache Manager:

The CM SMB server has been modified to negotiate the use of UNICODE.  
By default it is on.  The "fs smbunicode" command can be used to disable
UNICODE at runtime.

cm_utils now contains UNICODE normalization and conversion routines built
on top of the IDN Mitigation APIs.

All input strings are normalized with UNICODE Normalization Form C.

The pioctl interface now supports UTF8 strings in addition to ANSI.
UTF8 strings are prefixed with <ESC> % 8 as per the ISO 2022 extension.

Pioctl Library:

New apps should use the pioctl_utf8() function instead of pioctl().
pioctl() is for ANSI strings and provides backward compatibility
with third party apps.

fs.exe and symlink.exe:

Converted to Unicode applications.  All strings are now communicated 
using UTF-8.

Explorer Shell Extension:

Converted to a Unicode DLL.  All strings are now communicated using 
UTF-8.  Fonts on U.S. Windows distributions are not fully populated.
As a result not all of the characters can be displayed in all of the 
dialog boxes.

Still to do:

1. Add Unicode normalization to AFS directory entries and mountpoint
   and symlink target strings.

2. Use the Unicode version of GetCurrentDirectory in fs_utils.c

3. Update the installers to install the IDN Mitigation APIs on XP
   and 2003.  Vista already has them and they are not supported on
   pre XP SP2 releases. 

--- DELTA config follows ---
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