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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
make openafs 1.5.62

create the openafs 1.5.62 release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (Darwin)


Andrew Deason (1):
      Restore util des dependency

Asanka Herath (3):
      Windows: Implement SRVSVC and WKSSVC RPC interfaces
      rand_s isn't supported on older Visual C compilers
      Handle more RPC service names

Claudio Bisegni (7):
      Start coding OSX Backgrounder Application, for OpenAFS Preference Pane, that user NSStatusItem
      AFS Backgrounder implementation & warirng clean
      Cleaned most warning OSX OpenAFS preference  and completed the AFSBackgrounder implementation
      Removed user perspectivev3 file in xcode project and update the gitconfig
      OSX AFSBackgrounder fix minor bug
      OSX Preference Pane and AFS Backgrounder
      10.6 update(Workaround for kerberos bug) and cleaning of deprecated function form code

Derrick Brashear (10):
      fileserver should actually retry VL_RegisterAddrs on failure
      macos 10.6 updates
      macos rc script server handling
      redefine xdr functions consistently
      macos 10.6 64 bit support
      correct GetuTime function name
      macos afs prefspane support for 10.4
      make openafs 1.5.62
      update decode-panic for 10.6
      macos 10.5 doesn't support compiler kext flag

Felix Frank (15):
      Storeops beautifications.
      Unite CacheFetchProcs and add abstraction calls.
      Remove CacheStoreProcs and CacheFetchProcs from the afs_cacheOps.
      Move context of CacheFetchProc from afs_dcache.c to afs_fetchstore.c
      Some code cleanups and variable renames.
      Move statistics keeping from afs_dcache to afs_fetchstore.
      Move context of afs_CacheStoreProc() call from afs_segments to afs_fetchstore
      Move statistics and and call-closing from afs_segments to afs_fetchstore.
      Open/close connections in afs_fetchstore rather than afs_segments
      Limited the scope of some local variables in afs_CacheStoreProc
      More CacheStoreProc call context to afs_fetchstore from afs_segments
      Cleanups in rxfs_storeInit()
      Add the padd storeOp and unify statistics keeping.
      Sanity for the padd storeOp
      Some renames and reformattings in afs_fetchstore

Jeffrey Altman (26):
      Add generated files to doc/xml/AdminGuide .gitignore
      Windows: Preserve GetLastError during WinTorture testing
      Make Windows pioctl prototypes consistent with Unix
      add xdr_alloc
      Windows: Setting Server Preferences
      Windows: Avoid unnecessary DNS lookups
      Windows: Dfs Referrals Processing.  Not all errors are errors.
      Windows: Prevent cm_daemon thread from terminating during suspend
      Windows: Add missing msrpc.h dependency
      Windows: Prevent smb_StartedLock use before initialization
      Windows: src/WINNT/afsd cleanup
      Windows: Be more conservative about checking error conditions
      Windows: Add resource info to threaded volserver.exe
      Windows: Permit build system to update symbol store
      Windows: cm_conn_t must not be referenced after cm_Analyze is called
      Windows: Add prototype for osi_SetLockOrderValidation
      Windows: Ensure consistency of error code mapping
      Windows: Init root.afs before smb_Init
      Windows: cleanup smb polution of non-smb modules
      Windows: Correct buf_Write data loss errors
      Windows: MSRPC_WriteMessage, call MSRPC_NewCall at right time
      Windows: Updates to Windows ChangeLog
      Windows: Release Notes Updates for 1.5.62
      Correct description of afs krb.conf file format
      Windows: SMB Server does not support streams, so say that
      Windows: Version Update 1.5.6200.0

Marc Dionne (1):
      kauth warning reduction

Michael Meffie (1):
      Fix stack corruption on 64 bit linux when md5inum is enabled

Russ Allbery (3):
      Describe 's' PTS group permissions more accurately
      Add automatic sysname detection for ARM Linux
      Initialize xferStartTime for StoreData timings

Simon Wilkinson (5):
      Fix gtx_create calls to all share a prototype
      Make MacOS installer pane permit dashes
      Fix printfs of time for Darwin
      Make lockIDSet readable by mortals
      PAG numbers are unsigned (and other warnings) (1):
      MCAS changes from Matt


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