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Thu, 3 Dec 2009 21:12:40 -0800 (PST)

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 tagged by  Derrick Brashear
        on  Fri Dec 4 00:11:57 2009 -0500

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
make openafs 1.5.67
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (Darwin)


Andrew Deason (19):
      Avoid 'salvageserver -client -showlog' segfault
      Dec old special inodes in inode convertROtoRW
      Avoid using released hosts
      DAFS: Wait for exclusive ops in FSYNC_VOL_OFF
      DAFS: Avoid SALVSYNC communication during shutdown
      Cleanup VOffline log message
      Do not check *aoutSize in PGetPAG
      Make ktc_curpag also detect ONEGROUP PAG gids
      AIX: Missing brace in afs_vnop_flock.c
      Define T_SRV when not defined for us
      src/afs/afs_user.c typo
      Define WCOREDUMP in salvsync-server.c
      Define afs_maxvcount everywhere
      'Flexible client buffer growth' fallout
      Correct include paths in fs_conv_sol26.c
      Add a watchdog timer for ShutDownAndCore(PANIC)
      Add safety checks on all hostList traversals
      Add server prefix to utst_int.xg
      Correct duplicate special inodes while salvaging

Dan Hyde (1):
      Add array bounds checking in h_Enumerate

Derrick Brashear (8):
      macos 10.6 64bit trace fixes
      macos fstrace msgcat search path
      unix srv record network byte order fix
      asm unexecutable stack
      ktc remove unused variable
      add unlock support to afscp
      add rx packet trace debug dumping for unix
      unix 1.5.67

Jacob Thebault-Spieker (1):
      Adds cm_RankUpServers() and cm_RankServer()

Jeffrey Altman (21):
      Updates to Jake's RTT based server ranking (Gerrit 317)
      ubik_VL_GetAddrsU does not accept a VLCallBack parameter
      Check for (hostFlags & HOSTDELETED) after h_Lock_r
      Windows: ports in the cache manager are stored in network byte order
      Windows: Fix port assignment to use network byte order
      Windows: Use STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT where STATUS_TIMEOUT was returned
      Windows: Error mapping for VBUSY and VRESTARTING
      Windows: Code signing with cross-signed certificates
      Windows: Permit custom version numbers and default cellname
      Windows: buf_DirtyBuffersExist uses fileHashp not allp list pointer
      Windows: Improvements to background fetch processing
      Windows: cm_BkgDaemon requeuing only applies to BkgStore
      viced: set volume sync data in bulk status rpcs
      Windows: modify src/rxkad/NTMakefile to avoid file copies
      Windows: when assigning a new clientModTime, hold a lock
      Windows: cm_TryBulkStatus processing changes
      Windows: provide enhanced error output to aklog
      Windows: disable readonly volume versioning due to file server bug
      Windows: Fix test for setting FILE_ATTR_READONLY
      Use xdr_alloc and xdr_free within ptuser
      Windows: change notes for 1.5.67 release

Marc Dionne (16):
      afs_buffer.c: fix uninitialized variable warning
      Linux: remove unused cr->next member in struct afs_cred
      Fix memory allocation warnings at shutdown
      Linux: Fix write_begin configure test for recent RHEL kernels
      Linux - Fix disk cache access for selinux/AppArmor constrained processes
      Linux: always use afs_maybe_unlock_kernel
      Unix client: wrappers for credentials structure access
      src/pam/afs_auth.c warning fix
      krb_udp.c warning fix
      Linux: Use the kernel's credentials structure
      aklog build fix: com_err.h header
      Revert "osi_UFSOpen returns struct osi_file *"
      Linux: hinting removal fallout
      Remove "unused" warnings from lex generated files
      Linux: Keyrings PAG handling changes
      Warning fixes - key handling

Michael Meffie (4):
      viced: avoid useless core if shutdown during initialization
      cm: address race condition in afs_QueueVCB
      fix for volser transaction object race conditions
      shutdown_icl return type void

Mickey Lane (1):
      Fix 2 errors in Windows release Notes

Rainer Toebbicke (3):
      Correct diskused and files when cloning a volume
      Flexible client buffer growth
      Calculate midnight (for volume stats) based on standard functions

Russ Allbery (1):
      Update afsd cache and firewall details

Simon Wilkinson (38):
      Use user credentials for Linux writepage()
      Don't return AOP_WRITEPAGE_ACTIVATE to write()
      Clean up console message
      Remove pininodes
      Fix locking in afs_buffer.c
      Fix dynamic vcache / rxmaxmtu cmd id collision
      Remove hardcoded maximum time
      Make cache bypass build again
      Use fewer #ifdefs for dynamic vcaches
      Move PMTU header block to top of file
      Make afsd.pod reflect reality
      Coding style cleanup
      Cleanup cache bypass
      Prevent VLRUQ race in ShakeLooseVCaches
      Add error_table.c to gitignore in comerr
      Move vnode macros to their own directories
      Complete removal of DUX client code
      Add printf-style format checking
      Fix locking in FlushVCBs when called from discon
      cr_gid is already used by Darwin
      Include signal.h for sigfillset
      Fix warnings from afsconf_SetExtendedCellInfo
      Remove 'M' variants of lock macros
      Prototype UV_Bind
      Fix des key type issue in bosoprocs
      const char paths for ubik_ServerInit
      Prototype kalog_Init
      Update warning inhibition
      Use set_page_writeback and end_page_writeback
      Better errors from aklog
      Translate messages from ktc_SetToken
      Rationalise our include paths
      Linux: Fix lock ordering
      Name chunkOps structure elements
      Linux: Use atomics for credential reference counts
      Fix prepare and commit_write to do the right thing
      Remove inode hinting for dcaches
      osi_UFSOpen returns struct osi_file * (2):
      viced (non atomic) refcount/more-threads
      viced ihandle boost


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