OpenAFS CVS Commit: openafs/src/WINNT/afsd by jaltman

Mon, 26 Jan 2009 10:51:22 EST

Update of /cvs/openafs/src/WINNT/afsd
In directory GRAND.CENTRAL.ORG:/home/jaltman/openafs/cvs-kdfs/src/WINNT/afsd

Modified Files:
      Tag: openafs-windows-kdfs-ifs-branch
	cm_btree.c cm_btree.h 
Log Message:
DELTA KDFS-windows-btree-dir-enum-20090126

Modify the cm_BPlusDirEnum interface:

* add the cm_scache_t * of the directory being enumerated to the
  cm_direnum_t object

* remove the cm_scache_t * from the cm_BPlusDirEnumBulkStat call
  now that it is part of the cm_direnum_t object

* maintain a reference to the cm_scache_t for the life of the
  cm_direnum_t object.  This ensures that the object cannot be
  recycled while the enumeration is in use.

--- DELTA config for openafs-windows-kdfs-ifs-branch follows ---
KDFS-windows-btree-dir-enum-20090126 openafs/src/WINNT/afsd/cm_btree.c
KDFS-windows-btree-dir-enum-20090126 openafs/src/WINNT/afsd/cm_btree.h