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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
make 1.5.66
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (Darwin)


Andrew Deason (30):
      DAFS: Avoid volserver segfault in GetVolInfo
      DAFS: Wait until preattach to service FSSYNC reqs
      Make namei convertROtoRW'd volumes usable
      Correct and use AFS_SIZET_FMT
      Prototype strcasestr in afsmonitor.c
      Remove a pointer->integer warning in fstrace.c
      Fix warnings in kauth/authclient.c
      Fix warnings in lwp/process.c
      Ignore libafsrpc warnings for shlibafsrpc also
      xdrproc_t functions take a caddr_t, not caddr_t*
      Remove warnings related to type-punning
      Fix warnings in rxkad
      Reduce warnings in vos.c
      Typo in vos_remsite.pod
      Fix warning in vol/namei_ops.c
      Formatting typos in pts.pod
      Use f_bsize for ZFS afs_fsfragsize
      Fix warnings in butc, tbutc, and butm
      Fix unitialized variable warning in cfghost.c
      Detect and use %zu for size_t when available
      Fix rxgen-generated warnings
      Log error messages in volser i/o errors
      Prototype ka_log
      Fix a couple of size_t warnings
      Fix format warnings in tviced/state_analyzer.c
      Prototype encode_krb5_enc_tkt_part for aklog
      Fix a couple more unlink()s in vol-salvage.c
      Avoid 'static __inline' on HPUX
      HPUX: Do not sigwait on critical signals
      Avoid prematurely destroying callback_rxcon

Asanka Herath (2):
      Windows: Add a token status icon to the NIM plug-in
      Windows: Set the ARPINSTALLLOCATION property when installing

Claudio Bisegni (3):
      OSX Launchd Startup Manage  with Preference Pane
      OpenAFS Preference Pane 64bit and Symbolic Link features implemented.
      AFSPreference Pane Mounts View refresh issue

Davor Ocelic (8):
      Update readme with solved and pending tasks
      Allow check-pod to work on specific files or dirs
      Update vos suite manpages
      Add POD links (L<>) in pts.pod and symlink.pod
      Minimal left docs updates for vos suite
      Update fstrace suite manpages
      Update backup suite manpages
      Update README with solved/pending docs tasks

Derrick Brashear (13):
      launchdaemon support for MacOS
      create LINUX24 directory
      afs_FindService should handle iana portnames
      add SRV record lookups to unix afsconf support suite also
      snowleopard 64 bit warning death
      exit less
      afscp warnings cleanup
      rx window size increase
      rx don't exit
      remove spurious log in icl
      pthread pid casting
      make 1.5.66 for unix
      windows 1.5.66

Hartmut Reuter (3):
      afsio is a command to pipe data into or out of afs files
      New option '-cmd' for 'fs listacl'
      pioctl with VIOC_FS_CMD removed

Jeffrey Altman (38):
      documentation for "fs listacl -cmd"
      Windows: fs listacl -cmd
      Build afsio on Windows; remove many warnings
      Permit DNS SRV record lookups to be used by the Windows afsconf_GetAfsdbInfo
      Add missing variable to afsio
      Windows: use xdr_alloc to allocate memory for Callback data structs
      Windows: Prevent fs fetchdata offset bug error from propagating to caller
      Windows: use port when finding server by address
      Improve accuracy of Rx RTT calculation by skipping retransmitted packets
      Windows: Correct lock error codes and log file server lockCount
      Windows Explorer Shell Extension: Remove OutputDebugString calls
      Windows: Readonly Volume Versioning for Windows Cache Manager
      Windows: If SecurityLevel is configured use it for vos.exe and pts.exe
      Windows: fix build due to broken src/volser/NTMakefile
      Revert "Windows: Readonly Volume Versioning for Windows Cache Manager"
      Windows: refactor afs status cloning and clone when fs fetchdata bug detected
      Windows does not provide sys/wait.h
      Windows: AFSVolSync creationDate based readonly volume versioning
      Windows: mark volume status online during cm_MergeStatus
      Windows: Always compute time remaining in cm_Analyze
      Add server prefix to bumon.xg; avoid rx_call * vs rx_connection * warning
      Windows: AFS_PTR_FMT is just 'p'
      Rx warning removal
      prevent rx peer timeout from reaching 0.0 seconds
      Windows: Adjust error return values
      Windows: digital signatures are required for resource dlls
      Windows: Do not permit infinite attempts to obtain a pioctl file handle
      Windows: Modify afscreds.exe and afs_config.exe to be UAC compatible
      Add rx_SetMinPeerTimeout and rx_GetMinPeerTimeout
      Windows: Add registry entries for rx_SetMinPeerTimeout, rx_SetMaxRecvWindow, rx_SetMaxSendWindow
      Windows: ports in the cache manager are stored in network byte order
      Windows: Update MSI installer properties
      Windows: Update Control Panel to use ShellExecuteEx instead of WinExec
      rx lwp include assert.h where AFS_NT40_ENV builds can see it
      Windows: no longer use WinExec in afscreds
      Windows: Updates to Release Notes
      Windows: Notes for 1.5.66
      Remove warning from all calls to afsconf_GetExtendedCellInfo

Marc Dionne (6):
      rxfs_storePadd: return 0 on success
      Linux: 2.6.32 - Adapt to writeback changes
      authclient.c: fix 64-bit specific warnings
      Linux: kmem_cache_create fix and cleanup
      Linux: Remove declaration of unused variable filp
      Linux: kmem_cache_create fix and cleanup

Michael Meffie (2):
      Allow gnu-style long options
      volser transaction object race conditions

Simon Wilkinson (26):
      Remove page past end of file optimisations
      There can be only one ... MD5
      Remove pre-Linux 2.6 support
      Rationalise some #ifdefs in the LINUX osi layer
      Refactor linux readpage support
      Use standard Linux paths for all headers
      Use page_offset() on Linux
      Revert "Linux: kmem_cache_create fix and cleanup"
      Add afsio to gitignore
      Add public protoypes for volser
      Add fsint dependency to audit builds
      Fix checked builds with gcc4.2
      afs_Conn must be called within the analyze loop
      Use ranlib -c for Mac OS X Leopard
      Update warning management
      More warning fixes for kauth
      Fix warnings in tviced
      Always unlock pages when returning from writepage
      Return both error codes for rxfs_fetchInit
      Remove pageoff macro
      Use real names for page lock operations
      Don't cast the pointer past to memset
      Fix fall out from removal of memset casts
      Add -Wpointer-arith to warning and checking builds
      Refactor writepage_sync
      Resolve error return issues in writepage (2):
      Use AFS_PROC consistently
      Make typedefs of AFS_UCRED and AFS_PROC with renaming


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