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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
create openafs 1.5.63
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (Darwin)


Andrew Deason (5):
      Fix cache tracking for small fragsizes
      DAFS: avoid shutdown hang during salvage
      SALVSYNC_com initialization typo
      Update accessDate on volume access
      Do not respond to SYNC_COM_CHANNEL_CLOSE requests

Christof Hanke (3):
      Remove unnecessary type ViceFid
      Uploaded patchset 9. Sorry for the mess.
      Moved CForeign check to rxfs_storeInit/storeMore.

Claudio Bisegni (1):
      Fixed the tokens update and update .gitignore for MacOSX packaging file

Derrick Brashear (10):
      make afsd partition size check be large partition safe
      fetchstore nocall argument breaks non-64bit clients
      macos panic decoder should handle 64 bit kernel in 32 bit mode
      make salvager able to cope with corrupt class index
      redhat spec dkms don't strip modules
      des crypt cope with 64 bit longs
      darwin knet avoid rx socket during shutdown
      make fileserver avoid salvage loop on init failure
      unix 1.5.63
      macos package updates

Felix Frank (9):
      Cosmetics: Rename some variables, fix types.
      Added guard against missing call and moved alength assignment in fetchInit.
      Included proper 64bit case in fetchClose() and storeClose().
      fetchDestroy can end calls now too.
      Locking comment in FetchProc
      Immediately abort call when not able to fetch length (fetchInit).
      Cosmetics in CacheStoreDCaches, CacheStoreVCache and storeInit.
      More cosmetics.
      Code beautifications.

Jason Edgecombe (3):
      Updated Chapter 2, Section 3.3 of the Admin Guide
      Updated Chapter 2, Section 3.2 of the Admin Guide
      Updated Chapter 2, Section 3.4 of the Admin Guide

Jeffrey Altman (22):
      Windows: integrated logon
      Windows: uninitialized variable
      Windows: Permit cygwin apps to read from AFS again
      Windows: avoid inappropriate dns searches
      Windows: rx_Write failures must be processed
      Windows: The unnamed stream is a synonym
      Windows: Freelance get callback sync and uninitialized variables
      Windows: Explorer Shell Invalid Parameter Errors
      Windows: Log RXKAD errors in cm_Analyze
      Correct nvldbentry and vldbentry misuse in uss/uss_vol.c
      Windows: smb_FindShareCSCPolicy uses invalid registry key
      Windows: Prevent simultaneous pioctls
      Windows: Fake scache not completely initialized
      Windows: Prevent pioctl races from crashing afsd_service
      Windows: Use secure ctime and strncpy in afs_ctime
      Windows: Add data validation to ktc_xxxx functions that perform pioctls
      Windows: secure rand()
      Windows: Use secure ctime and strncpy in afs_ctime
      Windows: Add pioctl data output validation to fs and symlink command line tools
      Windows: Handle "(Default)" regsitry value in MountGlobalDrivesThread
      Windows: changelog updates for 1.5.63
      Windows: Version 1.5.63

Marc Dionne (3):
      build fix: ubik_client is a struct
      Remove extraneous + character in src/volser/common.c
      Avoid __USE_XOPEN redefinition

Matt Benjamin (3):
      Build shared afsauthent and afsrpc on *BSD
      Remove AFS_KERBEROS_ENV in NetBSD 30, 40 param files
      Make catalog file destdir when not transarc paths

Michael Meffie (1):
      doc: typo fix in asetkey man page example

Russ Allbery (6):
      Turn on --enable-bos-new-config unconditionally
      Remove old disabled code to support truncated passwords
      Only force a specific compiler where necessary
      Move restorevol to bin from sbin
      Stop using sig_t
      Windows: update build system for restorevol man page move (2):
      Add tracing to MCAS allocator and GC
      Remove struct from AFS_UCRED instantiations (opaque credential type support)


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