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 tagged by  Derrick Brashear
        on  Mon Aug 16 21:20:10 2010 -0400

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
tag 1.5.76
Version: GnuPG v2.0.14 (GNU/Linux)


Alexander Redinger (1):
      SOURCE-MAP updates

Andrew Deason (56):
      Fix stray static inline
      HPUX: make osi_procname a stub
      UINT_MAX requires limits.h
      HPUX: include proc_iface.h for proc_t
      HPUX: correct PostPopulateVCache vfsp set
      Fix shlibafsrpc des.c hp-ux special case
      klog: refactor klog_prompter
      viced: Remove stray \r
      Fix VPrintDiskStats_r logging
      Use afs_sfsize_t for *_SIZE results
      GetInodeSummary: free inode info
      Consolidate loopback address tests
      Provide man pages for more fssync-debug commands
      Add -unsafe-nosalvage fileserver option
      Treat all 127.0/16 addresses as loopback
      RX: ignore all local 127/8 IFF_LOOPBACK interfaces
      vos status: actually show created time
      vos status: add lastActiveTime field
      vos status: report human-readable last*Time
      bozo: Clean up bnode parms for each bnode
      bos: Do not assume DAFS just if DAFS bnode exists
      ubik: Make ugen_ClientInit honor noAuthFlag
      libafs: fix IOPEN for amd64 solaris
      SOLARIS: do not ignore libafs build failures
      Remove an outdated inode comment block
      Log lex/flex detection errors in the config log
      AFS_INT64_FMT takes a afs_int64, not int64_t
      Remove tsalvaged warning inhibition
      autoconf: Force absolute INSTALL
      salvage: Zero root/readme vnodes before writing
      vol-bless: Detach, not put, volumes on completion
      viced: Correct unblessed attach2 errors
      Install DAFS and non-DAFS fssync-debug
      Remove bless-related options from vos manpages
      Document the 'vos offline' -busy and -sleep opts
      Document krb.excl
      ptserver: Allow longer foreign user names
      SOLARIS: let xlator load if amd64/nfssrv is loaded
      ptserver: Do not use cell for entry name len check
      tbudb: Use INSTALL_PROGRAM, not INSTALL -f
      util: add afs_exec_alt
      HPUX: Add limits.h to sysincludes
      Add DAFS docs to the Unix Quick Start guide
      Unix: docbook revision tag requires a date
      rxgen: Error out if cpp exits with error
      Fix afsd.fuse for objdir builds
      tubik: Fix objdir builds
      Fix objdir install/dest targets
      Eliminate $< outside of pattern rules
      tviced: Fix serialize_state.o objdir
      salvage: Zero corrupted header
      salvage: Do not look at not-found root dir
      salvage: Remove redundant 'code' declaration
      salvage: update inodes array after CopyAndSalvage
      volser: Ignore duplicate file tags when restoring
      viced: VNOVOL on deleted volumes

Asanka Herath (4):
      Skip over 'fragments' directory when scanning for PODs
      Windows: Build preprocessed POD documentation
      Windows: Fix MC options
      Windows: Don't configure client when not installing client

Ben Kaduk (4):
      FBSD: sync with NFS for *pages vnops
      Fix build
      Remove incorrect critical section use in dnlc_lookup
      FBSD: update ifa_ifwithnet usage

Chaz Chandler (1):
      autoconf detection of label support

Derrick Brashear (35):
      fix newline conventions
      kernel InitPeerParams has bogus branching and dup code
      rx getaddr loopback change fallout
      linux cache bypass by default
      unix disconnected mode always
      64bit macos new config.guess support
      disconnected fix prototype warning
      simple is-lex-flex autoconf test
      xdr sunpro not always c99
      afs sunpro not always c99
      demand attach build always
      enable pmtu in configure by default
      simple fuse enable change
      linux rx pmtu fixes
      document dafileserver
      dafileserver synopsis
      document davolserver
      document dasalvager
      ShakeLooseVCaches needs to avoid CVInit vcaches
      vol AttachByName should mimic other volpkg errors
      vlserver - Don't overflow buffer with backup pattern
      unix blacklistonce should default to fail if no fid
      macos prefs pane improved error handling
      fs disconnected remove ifdefs
      darwin unused prototype
      discon needs static_inline macro
      discon getparentvcache leak fix
      reorder vcache references in discondiscardallshadows
      discon remove dirty vcaches from queue when discarding
      fix unlabelled xdr field order on sun457 kernel for now
      namei decodevolume allow low volume ids
      macos disconnected vnode holding fix
      fs discon support alternate uid
      disable pmtu error gathering
      openafs 1.5.76

Jason Edgecombe (1):
      Factor out the common text in vos_addsite, vos_copy, and vos_zap

Jeffrey Altman (23):
      Correct DTD validation errors in the AdminGuide
      Correct DTD validation errors in the UserGuide
      Commit DTD validation errors in the Windows Release Notes
      Windows: Permit docbook validation using xmllint
      Windows: Generate a valid <revision> block using mkvers.c
      DAFS: variable declarations in C must be a top of block
      Windows: Build Demand Attach File Service
      Windows aklog: include afs/pterror.h
      Windows aklog: remove lstat preprocessor definition
      Windows: Update root.afs scache dv when Freelance dir bufs are regenerated
      Windows: Do not reference cm_data.rootSCachep directly
      Windows: docbook revision tag requires a date
      Windows: When processing pioctl paths ensure callbacks are obtained
      Windows: Reduce complexity of Freelance Callback Logic
      Windows: optimize buf_FlushCleanPages
      Windows: add flags field to smb_ioctlProc_t function signature
      Windows: cm_Analyze should treat VOFFLINE like VMOVED or VNOVOL
      Windows: comparisons of nul strings should match
      Windows: Parse Freelance entries and enforce trailing dot but no trailing ws
      Windows: Only Local System Account may set tokens for alternate ids
      Windows: prevent buffer overrun in cklog
      Windows: Return error for SetToken PIOCTL_LOGON if not LocalSystem
      Windows Change Log for 1.5.76

Jeffrey Hutzelman (1):
      Don't overflow a buffer on the server's stack at startup

Jonathan Billings (1):
      Update the Red Hat spec file to include fssync-debug man pages

Ken Hornstein (1):
      fix dumptool on macos

Marc Dionne (9):
      rx_user.c: Remove unused variable
      Linux: use an int pointer for the size argument to getsockopt
      afspag version of rx_knet.o
      gcc 4.5: Sequence point warning fixes
      Linux: use %pI4 if NIPQUAD is not available
      Linux: adapt to truncate sequence changes
      Linux: switch to evict_inode
      Linux: Rework statfs super block operations configure test
      Linux: avoid oops in memcpy_toiovec

Matt Benjamin (1):
      An RPC test dispatch library for vice

Michael Meffie (5):
      build fix on older linux
      wiki url changed
      viced: host hash address collisions
      xstat: fix large integer output
      man: document bos addhost -clone

Russ Allbery (25):
      Add NEWS entries for 1.5.75
      Remove a few erroneous NEWS entries for 1.5.75
      Include linux/freezer.h in rx_kmutex.c
      Fix ktime test for errors
      Terminate the DARWIN80 #if in afs_osidnlc.c
      Make config.sub executable
      Update config.guess and config.sub to 2009-12-30 and 2010-01-22
      Link libafsauthent with -lresolv if required
      Link libafsauthent with -lresolv if required
      make dpkg should not depend on dest
      Update Debian packaging to 1.5.75-1
      Rewrite FUSE macro to skip FUSE if not found unless --enabled
      Fix ktime test on 64-bit systems
      Update Debian packaging to 1.5.75-2
      make dpkg should only build binary packages
      Use the full version number for Debian packages
      Debian: Install the demand-attach versions of the binaries
      Move build support files into build-tools
      Fix .version generation for make libafs_tree
      Add new demand-attach binaries to .gitignore
      Flesh out the configuration documentation
      Fix unterminated B<> sequence in bos addhost man page
      Add include method for POD documentation
      Rename to
      Don't cd around invocations of install-man

Simon Wilkinson (11):
      Linux: Use freezer compatibility macros in RX
      Linux: Actually use freezer compatibility func
      Linux: Use inode lock compat function
      Check for crypt in external library
      Linux: Load exportfs first
      vol: Fix logging functions
      budb: Add printf format checks to logging fns
      dir: Add printf format checks to log
      Unix CM: Remove erroneous comment
      LINUX: Use correct type of error in flock code
      LINUX: More flock fixes

sanket (1):
      vos: Don't call SubEnumerate twice


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