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 tagged by  Derrick Brashear
        on  Tue Jan 19 01:32:06 2010 -0500

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
make 1.5.69
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (Darwin)


Andrew Deason (16):
      Make HandleClientContext take an afs_ucred_t
      Dump all hostFlags in hosts.dump
      Expand ProgramType enumeration
      Add the 'vos endtrans' command
      platform target depends on cmd and vol
      Do not trust FetchData length from fileservers
      Fix typo in afs_linux_cred_is_current
      Fix warnings in fs.c with --enable-cache-bypass
      Check viced FetchData length for cache bypass
      Move TOP_INCDIR/des dependency to prelude
      Return a cell name from afsconf_LookupServer
      Make DAFS 'bos salvage' work in restricted mode
      Refuse to attach inode partitions with UFS logging
      DAFS: Allow non-fileserver to schedule salvages
      DAFS: avoid saving fileserver state when panicing
      Always check VInitVolumePackage2 return code

Asanka Herath (3):
      Fix typo in AdminGuide
      Windows: Query the MTU value from the registry
      Windows: Add a context menu for the AFS icon

Chas Williams (2):
      Quick fix for readpages when using memcache
      rewrite afs_MemWriteBlk() using afs_MemWritevBlk()

Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (3):
      LINUX/: ifdef for GFP_NOFS conditionals
      UNIX CM: remove the last remaining reference to afs_rxglobal_lock
      afsd: decprecate -mem_alloc_sleep flag (and related code)

Claudio Bisegni (1):
      OpenAFS Preference Pane

Dan Hyde (2):
      volmonitor copy link before calling free
      volmonitor keep vtrans lock

Derrick Brashear (11):
      add newline to lockprocs_prototypes.h
      macos avoid dotunderbar lookups in fakestat mode
      kernel ioctl32 conversion typecasting
      avoid leaking stat info
      clean up axscache at shutdown
      macos code signature for afsd
      cachemanager additional cleanup
      darwin module prototype and cleanup
      linux kernel lacks uintptr
      create debugging kext package for MacOS
      make 1.5.69 for unix

Jeffrey Altman (17):
      Windows: cm_BPlusDirBuildTree can fail
      Windows: cm_BPlusEnumAlloc should not fail for zero entries
      Unix CM: Use xdr_free to free memory allocated by XDR
      Windows: return ENOMEM from cm_BPlus functions on malloc failure
      Windows: alter nmtest CreateFile modes
      Windows: do not leak scp->dirlock if cm_BPlusDirBuildTree fails
      Windows: buf_Recycle should clean up flags and reset version
      Windows: do not call cm_SearchCellByDNS if AFS_AFSDB_ENV is not defined
      Windows: fs examine owner and group are signed
      Windows: Protect buffers in smb_WriteData from simultaneous writes
      Windows: remove signed vs unsigned error in smb_Init
      Rx: Remove last remnants of DJGPP support
      Rx: Do not drop call lock in rx_WriteProc* and rx_ReadProc*
      Rx: Correct AFS_NT40_ENV rx_GetIFInfo max MTU assignments
      Windows: ChangeLog for 1.5.69
      Windows: Version number update for 1.5.69
      Windows: Help text update for Network Identity Manager Provider

Marc Dionne (9):
      Linux: deal with ctl_name removal
      Linux: utsrelease.h is moving
      Linux: fix sysctl for 2.6.33
      Build fix: restore centry in ptutils.c
      Linux: don't oops on writeback if vcache has no stashed credentials
      src/pam warning fixes
      uss: Fix IP address parsing and cleanup warnings
      up.c: remove unused variable pageSize
      More pam warning cleanups - test_pam.c

Matt Benjamin (3):
      freebsd: track RELENG_8
      freebsd: fix afs_root signature (RELENG_8)
      freebsd:  CM changes targeting RELENG_8

Michael Meffie (4):
      Consolidate duplicate definitions
      Prefix global defines
      missing brace in afs_get_sb
      viced: allow alternate addresses on the same hash chain again

Russ Allbery (3):
      Update .gitignore for copied rxkad files
      Correct spelling errors in man pages
      Remove warnings from supergroups code on x86

Simon Wilkinson (40):
      pt_util runs on database servers
      Rework cache store back
      Linux: Use splice to speed up cache storeback
      Linux: Flush vcaches when a mount fails
      Linux: Don't panic when keys aren't found
      Linux: Simplify keyring compatibility code
      Fix PAGs for all platforms without Linux keyrings
      Look for aclocal in more places
      Solaris: Be more flexible about compilers
      Solaris: Don't directly fiddle with the groups structure
      Solaris: Don't access lbolt directly
      rxgen: Remove stray debugging statement
      Documentation: vos dump -verbose outputs to stderr
      Linux: Replace invalidate_inode_pages
      Documentation: Fix asetkey syntax
      Fix ioctl32 inclusion on Sparc 64
      Unix: Merge aklog with aklog_main
      Unix: Rename aklog_main.c as aklog.c
      Linux: #if BLAH should be #if defined(BLAH)
      Turn on bos restricted code
      Remove --disable-largefile-fileserver
      Remove --disable-afsdb
      Remove --disable-full-vos-listvol-switch option
      Remove HAVE_STRUCT_BUF test
      Remove unused configuration tests
      Abstract out Linux sillyrename function
      Linux: Check for multiple silly renames
      Fixes for supergroups on Darwin 64bit
      Linux: Use the correct ATIME flag
      Linux: Mark our super block as not updating access time
      Revert "Linux: Replace invalidate_inode_pages"
      Use dget_parent to handle getting inode of parent
      Linux: Rework PAG to group conversions
      Remove weekly bosserver restarts
      Move GLOCK initialisation to platform directories
      Kernel is always defined
      Unix CM: Fix negative file length case, again
      Linux: Add missing prototype
      Don't double free call structure


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