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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
tag 1.5.78
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (Darwin)


Andrew Deason (15):
      volser: Delete timed-out temporary volumes
      libafs: Fix pioctl get/putInt alignment issues
      DAFS: document the limits of -vhashsize
      DAFS: Raise LogLevel for per-chain vol stats
      vos release: Force full dump on RO_DONTUSE sites
      vol: Log ignored dirs that look like partitions
      LINUX: Build fixes for older kernels
      RX: Adjust all timeouts for RTT
      RX: Force sane timeout values
      LINUX: old kernel warning fixes
      pts: Prevent creating negative user ids
      pts: Specifically check for group id 0
      DAFS: Fix demand-salvages of attached volumes
      QSG: DAFS uses dasalvager
      RX: Add rx_InterruptCall

Asanka C. Herath (1):
      Windows: Backup and restore configuration across installs

Asanka Herath (1):
      Windows: Set NTDDI_VERSION when setting _WIN32_WINNT

Ben Kaduk (6):
      More FBSD syscall tweaking
      FBSD: in lookup, when ISDOTDOT, unlock dvp
      Revert "FBSD: in lookup, when ISDOTDOT, unlock dvp"
      FBSD: correct and simplify vcache eviction routines
      FBSD: lock interlock around v_usecount accesses
      FBSD: fix dumb panic when we can't pfind rxk_Listener

Charles Hannum (1):
      linux fh_to_dentry can return err

Chas Williams (CONTRACTOR) (8):
      afsd's -mem_alloc_sleep is obselete -- update documentation
      configure: --with-linux-kernel-packaging should default to disabled
      add option to rxperf to use rx_Readv() instead of rx_Read()
      sin_family is not network order
      Use bigger I/O sizes for the memcache
      rx: remove spurious compare for maxDgramPackets
      rename some variables in rxperf
      afs: minor cleanup for LINUX struct vcache

Christof Hanke (1):
      volserver: Do not return ENOMEM on AIX from XVolListPartitions

Derrick Brashear (13):
      disable Rx packet tracking
      pam test should return an int in main
      linux define ucontext properly
      exempt instant timeouts from mtu discovery
      OSX prefspane use Kerberos Preferences for defaults
      shakeloosevcaches drop xvcache during dentry ops
      make openafs 1.5.78
      rename afs/assert.h to afs/afs_assert.h
      kill off afs/debug.h
      viced don't double-print start time
      rx mutex inversion fix
      RPM scripts should allow newbinary restart to restart
      openafs 16 merge error on rx mutex inversion fix

Jason Edgecombe (1):
      Quickstart Guide: Add some verbiage about /vicepXX/AlwaysAttach

Jeffrey Altman (51):
      Rx: cleanup testclient and testserver test applications
      Rx: Move rxperf test application to src/rx/tests
      Rx: Build rxperf test application on Windows
      Rx: avoid lock churn in rxi_ReceiveAckPacket
      Rx: only compute peer bytes sent and received if rx_stats_active
      Rx: Only backoff the peer timeout once
      Windows: Release builds of Rx should be lean and mean
      Rx: always use tservice variable in rxi_ServerProc
      Rx: properly compute dataPacketsReSent statistic
      Rx: move TSFPQ prototypes from rx_globals.h to rx_protoypes.h
      Rx: PrintTheseStats should not be dependent on RXDEBUG
      Windows: Export additional RX debugging variables from afsrpc.dll
      Rx: Permit udp buffer size to be set in rxperf
      Rx: Do not hold call lock across memcpy in rx_ReadProc/rx_WriteProc
      Rx: Change minimum peer timeout to 2ms
      Rx: Permit MakeDebugCall() be be compiled when RXDEBUG is undefined
      Additional functionality for rxperf
      Windows: Negative Caching for Volume Lookups
      Windows: Pass Volume Root Fid to cm_Analyze after RXAFS_GetVolumeStatus
      Rx: When call receive is done, send ack all packet
      Rx: raise rx_minPeerTimeout to 20ms
      Windows: Fix Parent(path) computation to permit mp and symlink creation
      Windows: Ensure that cm_NameI errors are acted upon promptly
      Windows: Kill AFS_LARGEFILES preprocessor symbol
      Windows: do not leak cm_volume_t objects from LRU queue
      Windows: Do not issue RXAFS change RPCs on known RO volumes
      Rx: Permit ADAPT_WINDOW code to build
      Rx: Do not compute RTT on non-last packets of a jumbogram
      Rx: rx_stats_active not RXDEBUG
      Rx: prototype rx_StateClienThread()
      Windows: prototype cm_PerformanceTuningInit()
      Windows: remove warnings from cm_daemon.c
      Windows: optimize cm_BkgDaemon()
      Windows: remove unnecessary prototype from smb.c
      Windows: Improve cm_SyncOpDone logging
      Windows: Fix i386_w2k and i386_nt40 path construction
      Rx: Fix socket() handling so errors are properly detected
      Rx: Treat rx_minPeerTimeout not as a minimum but as padding
      Windows: Make Rx PMTU discovery configurable; disable by default
      Windows: register idle dead timeout error
      Windows: Use rx_Readv / rx_Writev
      Windows: Fix math error in rx_Writev processing
      Windows: move debug break in afsd_notifier
      Windows: Cleanup build scripts; no include\afs or include\rx
      Rx: use osi_Assert/osi_Panic instead of assert
      down with assert, up with osi_Assert
      vol: attach2 must always return with VOL_LOCK held
      Windows: Finish converting vol apps to pthread only
      don't duplicate work of ctime_s
      Rx: protect rx_conn and rx_call refCount field with rx_refcnt_mutex
      Windows: Do not leak cm_volume_t objects from the LRU queue

Marc Dionne (12):
      Warning fix for gcc 4.5 "operation may be undefined" warnings
      rx: Set but not used variables
      Always check return code from iod_Write
      Linux: normalize error return for emulated syscalls
      butc: Set but unused variables
      vlserver: Set but not used variables
      tubik: minor Makefile cleanups
      viced, tviced: Set but not used variables
      volser: Set but not used variables
      Linux: fix statfs configure test
      Linux: remove stale prototype and references for read_super
      bucoord: parallel make fix

Michael Meffie (2):
      manpage correction for restorevol -file option
      scout: display fetch and store counts as unsigned

Phillip Moore (7):
      Quick Start Guide updated for RHEL rpms, and CLI syntax
      Added missing CLI argument dropped during last commit.
      Extract the .version file when building the srpm file
      Fix fs bypassthreshold to accept a size of -1 to disable
      Makes fs getfid error handling consistent with other fs commands
      fs getfid output changed for consistency with Windows implementation
      fs getfid defaults to '.', like other path-related commands

Rod Widdowson (3):
      QuickStart Unix: use dafs type and name for demand attach file services
      Windows:  fix built in touch
      windows: preserve lasterror prior to calling free

Russ Allbery (6):
      Add NEWS entries for OpenAFS 1.5.77 and 1.5.76
      Link dafssync-debug(8) to fssync-debug(8)
      Fix POD errors in fileserver and dasalvager
      Update bos create man page for new naming of demand-attach binaries
      Update Debian packaging to 1.5.77-2 release
      Return SRV record ports in network byte order

Simon Wilkinson (29):
      libuafs: Don't #define user
      vlserver: Use com_err for Ubik error messages
      RX: Make the sample client and server build
      Add config.log to gitignore globally
      Ignore *.dSYM files in working directory
      Linux: print after BUG() is pretty useless
      rxkad: Make the test suite build again
      rxperf: Fix so it builds on Unix
      tests: Fix objdir builds
      rxperf: Fix the Unix build again
      rxperf: Add build rules to build a pthreaded version
      libafsrpc depends on rxstat and fsint
      rx: Big windows make us sad
      Fix rxperf so that it works with pthreads
      rxperf: Really set UDP buffer size
      rx: Limit window size to max acks
      RX: Tidy reader data locking
      rx: Reduce dependence on call->lock
      Fix rxperf includes
      rx: Don't call gettimeofday for every packet ack
      rx: Don't malloc the xmit list
      Rx: Reject out of order ACK packets
      rx: Simplify round trip time calculation
      rx: More improvments to RTT calculation
      rx: Fix bracing on rx_clock macro arguments
      rx: Tidy up variables in RTT calc
      rx: Refactor transmit queue wakeup
      rx: Don't let timeouts force fast recovery
      rx: Fix starting of transmit timers

Steve Simmons (1):
      Add new file src/venus/cacheout to things that should be ignored.

Tom Keiser (3):
      trailing commas make xlc a sad panda
      update fssync-debug to handle the VOL_LOCKED flag
      don't release Volume lightweight ref too early


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