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Gerrit Code Review
Mon, 25 Oct 2010 16:32:01 -0700 (PDT)

The following commit has been merged in the openafs-stable-1_6_x branch:
commit 429c364e8c9e33eef8edab0c144c10105efac3f8
Author: Simon Wilkinson <>
Date:   Tue Oct 5 21:21:38 2010 +0100

    rx: Don't call gettimeofday for every packet ack
    Every time we receive an ACK packet, we call gettimeofday() for
    every entry in the transmit queue that's permanently ack'd by that
    packet. Instead, just make a note of the time when we start
    processing the packet queue, and use it for every packet in the
    This shaves around 5% off rxperf's runtime with a window size of 128.
    Tested-by: BuildBot <>
    Reviewed-by: Derrick Brashear <>
    Reviewed-by: Jeffrey Altman <>
    Tested-by: Jeffrey Altman <>
    (cherry picked from commit e16d7b7d6a6980fbda3186a578fb7e26fc334194)
    Change-Id: Ib77ea09f2b2334ccae269a5e24519cd8b0f0875a
    Tested-by: Derrick Brashear <>

 src/rx/rx.c            |   29 ++++++++++++++++++-----------
 src/rx/rx_prototypes.h |    3 ---
 2 files changed, 18 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)

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