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Gerrit Code Review
Tue, 26 Apr 2011 07:38:28 -0700 (PDT)

The following commit has been merged in the openafs-stable-1_6_x branch:
commit 5c2288d5eb46350bb7635e87d3ace8c7562b5148
Author: Andrew Deason <>
Date:   Sat Apr 23 16:25:00 2011 -0500

    viced: Fix host enumeration flags
    Do not give uninitialized flags values to h_Enumerate callback
    functions. In fact, do not give a flags value to h_Enumerate or
    h_Enumerate_r callback functions at all, since they are not actually
    Fix host enumeration callback functions to just return 0 or the
    relevant flags, instead of basing the return value off of the given
    flags value. Update MultiBreakVolumeCallBack_r to use the correct
    return values, since it currently tries to use the old meanings of the
    host enumeration return values.
    FIXES 129376
    (cherry picked from commit 5b9d427141f0a6fd0e83de9564e70ef2cfebf656)
    Change-Id: Icae627318cd523fa225beb8b53449f61532c4a90
    Tested-by: BuildBot <>
    Reviewed-by: Derrick Brashear <>

 src/viced/callback.c |   38 +++++++++------------
 src/viced/host.c     |   89 +++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------------
 src/viced/host.h     |    5 +--
 3 files changed, 56 insertions(+), 76 deletions(-)

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