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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
tag 1.7.2a
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (Darwin)


Andrew Deason (38):
      ntohs ubik header size
      Remove references to afs_assert.h
      viced: Use xfer indices for xfer data
      viced: Assert valid statistics indices
      DAFS: Add explicit 'valid' field for index maps
      DAFS: Skip hosts with invalid flags on restore
      DAFS: Do not serialize state for invalid hosts
      vol: Only check "logging" on vice partitions
      Remove a few extra trailing backslashes
      aklog_dynamic_auth: Support new SetToken pioctl
      auth: Force correct evenness on rxkad tokens
      auth: Get correct viceid in legacy GetToken
      viced: Do not swallow errors on StoreData recovery
      LINUX: Revert group changes on keyring failure
      LINUX: Fix afs_linux_pag_to_groups signature
      vos offline: Bring volume back online for -busy
      vlserver: Log to VLLog by default, not PtLog
      viced: Check for HOSTDELETED in stillborn check
      volser: Remove ExtractVolId
      Import setenv.c and unsetenv.c from roken
      external: commit imports with --no-verify
      external: trigger git commit-msg hooks on import
      Remove -settime/RXAFS_GetTime client support
      Do OPENAFS_OSCONF before compiler autoconf tests
      Solaris: Specify ARCHFLAGS in CFLAGS
      DAFS: Deal with exclusive-state volume headers
      volser: Remove debugging log messages
      libafsauthent: Remove obsolete HP-UX workaround
      salvager: Implement AskDAFS via SYNC flags
      Add setenv/unsetenv to roken
      Specify pattern rules in addition to suffix rules
      Add "pretty" build option
      regen: Fail on failures
      volser: Preserve needsSalvaged during restore
      vol: Remove O_EXCL|O_TRUNC combinations
      namei: Remove extraneous rmdir
      afs: Do not use separate array for srvAddrs

Derrick Brashear (19):
      rx: arrange for Finalize to really stop running calls
      ukernel: make web enhancements the default
      ukernel: output dataversion in stat struct if possible
      bypasscache for ukernel
      bypasscache: free in order
      volinfo: fix bad format string
      ukernel: add uafs_access
      ukernel: install our sysincludes to root.perf
      ukernel: don't enforce thread lockers in remove vop
      ukernel: set close-on-exec on our socket
      afs: on uuid init fail, don't leave garbage behind
      ukernel: set pthread stacksize to an integer multiple of 8k
      afs: don't try GetDownD if nothing to get
      ukernel: get an ip address even when dns and hosts suck
      bypasscache: do errors correctly
      bypasscache: allow arbitrary sized iovecs
      ukernel: handle pioctl errors properly in ktc
      dafs: avoid null deref getting volume header
      viced: avoid bogus handle in rename

Hartmut Reuter (1):
      vol_split: avoid using stale open directory vnodes

Heimdal Developers (1):
      Import of code from heimdal

Jacob Thebault-Spieker (2):
      remove check for disallowing clones of backup or ro volumes
      allow cloning of any volume to any volume with same parent ID

Jeffrey Altman (66):
      Windows: Disable Control Panel button in NIM
      Windows: install control panel only if afs_config
      Fix input size computation in SetSPrefs pioctl
      Windows: Disable OACR by default for AFSRDR build
      Windows: update ntbuild.bat
      Windows: Add resource info to afsroken.dll
      Windows: add resource info to afshcrypto.dll
      Windows: Fixup errors in AFS ACL Property Sheet
      Fix typo in windows release notes
      Windows: register Shell Ext handlers
      Windows: Explorer Shell Extension enhancements
      Windows: char* is not a Unicode string
      Windows: Explorer shell GetUnixModeBits()
      dir: remove unnecessary cast from malloc
      Windows: do not install afs_assert.h
      Windows: re-indent afsredir log message params
      Windows: remove unused code block
      Windows: AFSEvaluateTargetByName free buffer if no return
      Windows: minor typo in trace output
      Windows: Use SetFlag macro when setting flag
      Windows: afsredir only wants shortName if not 8.3
      Windows: close leak in AFSPrimaryVolumeWorkerThread
      Windows: AFSInitPIOCtlDirectoryCB free in try_exit
      Windows: free pointer after last reference
      Windows: Free work item memory with tag value
      opr: build on Windows after queue.h move
      Windows: Do not EEXIST exact match during rename
      Windows: only flush buffers on shutdown if running
      Windows: out of date version not in current chunk
      Windows: cm_Rename break in 9cf7a628c2ff178b2fa236d2c0a41ca9be315036
      klog.krb5: enforce DES for rxkad
      Windows: Mount points are always directories
      Windows: always set reparse point attrib for symlink
      Windows: do not leak resource in AFSQueryDirectory
      Windows: NPCancelConnection set correct length
      Windows: improve store data parallelism
      Windows: service must set reparse point attribute
      Windows: Additional trace logging
      Windows: these fsctl cmds are not implemented
      Windows: FSCTL_IS_PATHNAME_VALID return success
      Windows: FSCTL_SET_REPARSE_POINT error
      Windows: FSCTL_SET_REPARSE_POINT not yet implemented
      Windows: Enforce Share Access
      Windows: Add Vista/Win7 Firewall Configuration
      Windows: fix locking hierarchy in service
      Windows: Track active RPCs per scache_t
      Windows: avoid null ptr in RDR_RequestFileExtentsAsync
      Windows: cm_GetSCache avoid holding cm_scacheLock
      Windows: smb_ReceiveNTCreateX create smb_fid earlier
      Windows: missing braces in AFSFSControl
      Windows: netidmgr krb5_cc_get_principal can fail
      Windows: interlocked refCount increment in cm_GetSCache
      Windows: Create default Security Descriptor
      Windows: Fairness for background operations
      Windows: cm_SetupStoreBIOD use firstModOffset chunk
      Windows: Increase default number of daemon threads
      Windows: create scache->redirMx to reduce contention
      Windows: buf_CleanAsyncLocked dirty range only
      Windows: Do not install IBM AFS HLP files
      auth: initKeys before first error exit path
      Windows: 1.7.2 Change Log
      Windows: Version 1.7.2 (1.7.0200)
      Windows: non-release only worker threads can release
      Windows: must obtain and release an actual lock
      Windows: RDR_RequestFileExtentsAsync unheld lock
      Windows: Version 1.7.2a (1.7.0201)

Jonathan A. Kollasch (1):
      kdump-build: don't install when it hasn't been built for *bsd*

Ken Dreyer (1):
      doc: limitations of addsite on different partitions

Marc Dionne (6):
      viced: fix incorrect error message
      viced: remove duplicate declaration
      rx: add post RPC procedure capability
      dir: add missing return in DRead
      cache bypass: don't define iovecp for UKERNEL
      Linux: 3.1: update RCU path walking detection in permission i_op

Michael Meffie (14):
      salvager: fix filesystem path truncation
      bozo: pass -rxbind on restart
      bozo: remove duplicate prototype
      bozo: bosserver -pidfiles option
      volinfo: release volume header ihandles when done
      volinfo: refactor vnode handling
      bozo: fix overrun from -rxbind on restart
      bozo: report bosserver -rxbind address
      doc: fileserver synopsis typo
      bozo: bosserver man page updates
      DAFS: fssync online requires a partition name argument
      bozo: test program update
      bozo: build notifier sample program
      opr: queue swap

Peter Scott (17):
      Windows: AFSRemoveCaseInsensitiveDirEntry corrections
      Windows: New Trace for DirEntry tracking problem
      Windows: Reimplement AFSGenerateCRC()
      Windows: additional trace logging for afsredirlib
      Windows: Directory Entry Processing
      Windows: log FSCTL_CSC_INTERNAL requests
      Windows: correct ordering of reparse point tests
      Windows: change AFSProcessUserFsRequest default
      Windows: DE Reference count added during create
      Windows: add AFSRetrieveParentPath()
      Windows: Retrieve file attributes on symlinks
      Windows: remember when a reparse point is opened
      Windows: fix deadlock in symlink Attrib retrieval
      Windows: Failed to release correct lock
      Windows: FileNetworkPhysicalNameInfo implementation
      Windows: Correctly increment PIOCtl DE
      Windows: add braces to case statements

Rod Widdowson (9):
      Fix buffer leak in dir/buffers.c
      Windows: Fix comment about DiskPartition64
      Windows: Remove spurious use of CRTL
      FSSYNC-Client:  Consistent use of partition name
      Windows AFSRDR: Log before decrementing refcount
      Windows: Remove unused cleanup flag
      Windows: Set new file index correctly during rename
      Windows:  Defer deref of a directoryEntry
      Windows: Look for 8.3 name when doing a rename

Simon Wilkinson (22):
      rx: ackall handling
      rx: Don't clear the receive queue when out of packets
      Move abort() into opr
      Clean up assertion
      ptserver: Don't check for noauth before rebuilding
      docs: Refer to dafs binaries by their real names
      ukernel: add morepackets check in listener
      ukernel: don't define rdwr env on linux
      dir: Remove double release in FindBlobs
      opr: Move queue header out of util
      dir: Don't leak a buffer on a failed Enumerate
      rx: Define afs_kmutex_t for LWP too
      roken: Add *progname() to shared library exports
      tests: Add opr library for ktime test
      tests: volser doesn't need rxgk yet
      rx: Remove the ADAPT_WINDOW code
      Unix CM: Fix dir buffer leak in afs_readdir
      opr: Add opr_containerof
      rx: Add a helper function for delayed acks
      opr: Add a red/black tree implementation
      rx: New signature for rx event functions
      rx: Turn the rxevent_Cancel macro into a function


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