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Gerrit Code Review
Tue, 7 Jun 2011 06:26:33 -0700 (PDT)

The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit c47f81d7076d5ecb52cb68a0535a78561c224c51
Author: Jeffrey Altman <>
Date:   Sat Jun 4 13:28:26 2011 -0400

    Windows: refactor fs acl funcs into fs_acl.c
    The ACL structure definitions and manipulation functions
    were defined both in WINNT/afsd/fs.c and WINNT/client_exp/gui2fs.cpp.
    Extract them to WINNT/afsd/fs_acl.c and refactor them so that a
    single copy can be maintained for both modules.
    The most significant change is to CleanAcl() which now accepts
    a cellname instead of a file path.  By accepting a cellname the
    ACL functionality is completely isolated from the path processing
    and pioctl operations.
    At the present time, fs.exe calls CleanAcl() with a cell name
    and afs_shl_ext.dll does not.  All callers in fs.c have been updated
    to use the new behavior.
    gui2fs.cpp also comments functions that exist in the file but
    have no caller.  These can be removed at a later date if they
    are not required.
    Change-Id: Ibc5f411c6410769bdfeaf9e37b6d39a64958baff
    Tested-by: BuildBot <>
    Reviewed-by: Jeffrey Altman <>
    Tested-by: Jeffrey Altman <>

 src/WINNT/afsd/NTMakefile       |    2 +
 src/WINNT/afsd/fs.c             |  495 +++------------------------------------
 src/WINNT/afsd/fs_acl.c         |  420 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 src/WINNT/afsd/fs_acl.h         |   91 +++++++
 src/WINNT/afsd/symlink.c        |    1 -
 src/WINNT/client_exp/NTMakefile |    6 +-
 src/WINNT/client_exp/fs.h       |   28 ---
 src/WINNT/client_exp/gui2fs.cpp |  458 ++++++++----------------------------
 8 files changed, 657 insertions(+), 844 deletions(-)

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